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WolfWarriorX Backpack – Large Capacity Military Tactical Hiking Expandable Back – 39 Liters To 60 Liters Backpack

WolfWarriorX Tactical Backpack

It is built and Tested for Hard-Use. This WolfWarriorX expandable tactical knapsack is the most acceptable addition to your tactical equipment.

It offers exceptional storage capability and company without slowing you down. It is made of durable 600d polyester material.

Who will love this backpack?

It is appropriate for most individuals, males, ladies, old and young.

When we use it?

It is appropriate for most occasions, such as travel, outside activities, sports, work, and day-to-day life.

What we put in it?

Front Compartment

Mobile , MP3, pen, battery charger, crucial, notepad, wallet, ID card, etc.

Middle Compartment

A tablet, a notepad computer system, etc.

Main Compartment

Clothing, camping tent, massive laptop computer system, etc.

The primary compartment with tight rope

Whistles, scissors, clips, little medical bags, etc.

Back Compartment

Water bags, , blankets, and so on.

Side pouch 

Kettle, umbrella, water bottle, and so on.


  1. The main compartment broadens from 39 liters (2380 cu in) to 64 liters (3905 cu in).
  2. Heavy, oversized zippers and tabs.
  3. Holds up to a 3.0-liter hydration bladder.
  4. Side parachute buckles permit tightening up to offer a compact, simple transportation pack.
  5. Reversible zippers to remove dust and dirt (on B design).
  6. Weight:3.6 lbs.
  7. Water Resistant (Please do not expose it to heavy rain for a long time!).
  8. Extensive capability and multi-compartment.
  9. Large Tactical Backpack and Multi Compartments Military Backpack.
  10. The main compartment broadens from 39L (2380 cu in) to 64L (3905 cu in). This convenient knapsack has 4 primary filling areas and a water bottle mesh pocket.
  11. There are plenty of spaces for many things and the different compartments you have arranged.
  12. Disperse the Pressure, and create a more comfy, Perfect Hiking Backpack.
  13. The adjustable chest belt distribute the Pressure of this military knapsack, making carrying comfier.
  14. The adjustable belt lets the entire fishing knapsack fit our body, with extra straps around the chest and waist to disperse the weight better. Moreover, the side buckles make this searching knapsack simple and safe and lower the size if it’s complete.
  15. Multipurpose and Casual Laptop Backpack for Men and Women Students.
  16. This sog knapsack is made of *Water Resistant and long-lasting 600D , appropriate for outside activities.
  17. These knapsacks can travel, search, trek, climb, etc. In addition, this big knapsack can be used as a book bag or school book knapsack for college or high school trainees.
  18. This backpack is a casual daypack for various individuals, for guys, females, young boys, and ladies.
  19. Expandable Backpack Water Resistant. A zipper on the side broadens this knapsack taxi. The density of the side can be changed between 8 ‘and 13’, and the optimum package capability can reach 64L.
  20. It can hold more things and the side buckles make it simple to save and lower the size if it’s complete. In addition, this knapsack is water resistant and ideal for outside activities.

Convenient and Practical in Daily Life

1. Water bottle mesh pocket on the side. It is practical for you to beverage water in outside activities.

2. Two walkie-talkie pouches on the back strap of the bag, It is practical to use walkie – talkie when you walk.

3. MOLLE system in the front, you can include various little pouches, mountaineering hook can be utilized for hanging little things.

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