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Wild Camping Adventure: Hiking the 60km Wherrymans Way from Great Yarmouth to Lodham in Norfolk

"Captivating oil painting of a joyful man by a serene river during an adventurous camping trip."

Embarking on a adventure is always an exhilarating experience, especially when paired with a challenging through picturesque landscapes. The Wherrymans Way trail stretching from Great Yarmouth to Lodham in Norfolk presents a unique opportunity for such an adventure.

This 60km trail offers stunning Norfolk Broads and the River Yare views. This is a journey along the Wherrymans Way, detailing the challenges and of the trek. So, fasten your backpacks and join me on this exciting journey!

Wild Camping Adventure: Hiking the 60km Wherrymans Way from Great Yarmouth to Lodham in Norfolk

you ever dreamed of escaping the city's bright lights and heading out into ? You picture yourself hiking through dense forests, camping beside a tranquil river, and cooking dinner over an open fire as the sun sets. If this sounds your idea of heaven, you might be interested in my recent adventure hiking the 60km Wherrymans Way through Norfolk, UK.


The creator of this video had been planning this trip for months, researching the best hiking routes in the UK and reading up on the latest camping gear. His goal was to experience the beauty of nature, connect with other adventurers on social media, and promote the importance of responsible wild camping. So, armed with his trusty backpack and excitement, he set off from Great Yarmouth to start his journey to Lodham.

The Adventure Begins

Creator experienced the first day of his hike as both exhilarating and challenging. He followed the river and went through picturesque fields of wildflowers and the smell of fresh air. He felt alive for the first time in months as he trudged through the damp grass, following the bends and twists of the river. Creator documented his trip with a video that captured the different landscapes, showcasing the beauty of the Norfolk countryside. As he walked, he talked about where to find supermarkets and cheap parking spots in the area for adventurers.

Eventually, the creator found himself in a remote area under a large oak tree in nowhere. As he set up camp, he encountered nearby horses who were friendly yet shy. Later, he learned that Norfolk was known for a rich history of horse-driven carts, which was interesting.

Sunset Views

As the sun began to set, he took some time to appreciate the stunning sunset views, which was of the most peaceful moments of the trip. The orange and pink hues created an otherworldly glow, and he felt grateful to be surrounded by such .

Settling in Marches

As night approached, he began to an excellent place to stop for the night in Settling in Marches. He consulted his map and realized he had already covered about 20km. So he set up camp near a small stream for uninterrupted sleep, knowing he had several more days ahead.


He tested his endurance and determination on the first day of his wild camping adventure through Norfolk. Although the thought of heading back to civilization was tempting, he was forward to the challenges and rewards the next three days would bring.


  1. What is wild camping?
    Wild camping is setting up a temporary shelter in the wilderness without needing a permit or established campsites.

  2. How can I for a wild camping trip?
    You should research the optimal gear, adhere to Leave No Trace principles, and review any regional regulations or restrictions on wild camping.

  3. What is the Wherrymans Way?
    The Wherrymans Way is a 60km hiking trail that follows the river and spans across the Norfolk countryside.

  4. What should I expect while hiking the Wherrymans Way?
    The Wherrymans Way features stunning views of forests, fields, and rivers and opportunities to encounter local wildlife and appreciate the area's natural beauty.

  5. Can you camp anywhere along the Wherrymans Way?
    Camping is restricted to designated campsites along the Wherrymans Way, so planning and determining where these sites are located before your hike is essential.

Norfolk (/ˈnɔːrfək/) is a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county in East Anglia in England. It borders Lincolnshire to the north-west, Cambridgeshire

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