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Unleash Ultimate Relaxation with TREKOLOGY YIZI 2.0 Folding Camp Chair – Lightweight, Durable, and Versatile!

Welcome to this post featuring the TREKOLOGY Portable Camping Chairs for Adults! Are you tired of ​lugging around heavy and uncomfortable chairs for your outdoor adventures? Look no further than the YIZI 2.0 Portable Folding Camp Chairs.

With its ⁢upgraded, durable materials ​and convenient design, this chair is the perfect companion for ‌camping, hiking, ⁤tailgating, and beach trips. The YIZI 2.0 is ⁤a game-changer in the world of portable chairs.⁢ Keep reading to find ⁣out ⁣why.

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Experience Ultimate Comfort and Convenience ​with the TREKOLOGY⁣ Portable Camping⁤ Chair

The TREKOLOGY‍ Portable Camping Chair​ for Adults is the solution for anyone looking for⁤ comfort ⁢and convenience on their ‍outdoor adventures. Made with ‍durable ⁤ripstop polyester seat fabrics, it can hold up to 300 pounds (around 136 kilos) and⁢ is 10% wider than⁣ previous versions, ⁤making it one of the best large camping chairs. Setting⁢ up the ​chair is a breeze with its unique​ locking mechanism.

Unfold it, lock it into⁣ place,⁢ and⁣ you're⁢ ready to relax. Whether ‌camping, hiking, or even heading to the beach, the YIZI ⁤2.0 portable chair is the perfect companion. It even features two side pockets and a loop design on ​the seat fabric ‍for⁢ added convenience. Not only is the ‍TREKOLOGY chair comfortable and durable, but‍ it⁤ is​ also affordable.

It is a high-quality‌ option for ⁤those needing a compact and lightweight chair. ​Weighing in ⁤at only 3.09 ‍pounds (about 1.4 kilos), it is to carry wherever you go. ​And when you're done, it folds down to a compact size⁤ smaller than a shoebox ⁤for easy storage and transport. Upgrade your outdoor with the TREKOLOGY Portable Camping Chair for ‍Adults.

Discover ​the ⁢Impressive Features and Durability of the‍ YIZI 2.0 Portable Folding Camp Chair

If you're⁣ looking for‌ a comfortable and durable ⁣portable camping chair, ⁤the YIZI 2.0 from TREKOLOGY‍ is an excellent ​choice. With upgraded, wider​ ripstop polyester seat fabrics, this chair is perfect for adults and⁢ can ⁤hold up to ‍300 pounds. There is no need to worry about wear and tear, as this chair is built to‌ last. Setting ‍up⁣ the YIZI ‍2.0 is​ a⁣ br thanks to its simple locking mechanism.

You can unfold ‍the chair quickly and have a cozy, relaxing spot. This chair covers you whether camping, hiking, or at a ‍sporting⁢ event. It⁢ even features convenient side ‌pockets and a ⁤loop design ‌on the corner of the⁢ seat fabric for easy storage of ⁤small items. ‍Plus, with its ​affordable price‍ point,‍ the YIZI 2.0 is an excellent value ‌for anyone needing a compact ​and comfortable chair.

Don't hesitate to grab ⁤yours today! ⁤ Its compact ⁣size, when folded, ⁣makes​ it easy to‍ bring⁢ with you on any ⁢outdoor ‌adventure. You no longer have to struggle⁢ with ⁢bulky ⁣and heavy chairs. The YIZI 2.0 is perfect for all your outdoor needs, and with ​its affordable price,⁣ it's a smart choice for⁣ anyone ‌in ⁤the market for a portable camping chair.

Detailed Insights into the Lightweight and Foldable Design of ⁣the Adults Backpacking ​Chair

When it comes⁤ to finding‍ the perfect backpacking chair,⁢ there are a few⁣ key⁢ features that you want‌ to look for. With the​ TREKOLOGY Portable Camping Chairs‍, YIZI 2.0 Portable Folding Camp Chairs,‍ you'll find that it ticks all the boxes with ‍its lightweight and ⁢foldable ⁤design. Here are some‍ detailed insights into what makes this camping​ chair stand out. Not only​ is⁢ the YIZI⁢ 2.0 ⁢Foldable Camp Chair incredibly comfortable with its ⁣durable ripstop polyester seat, but it's also designed ​to ⁢last.

This chair can‌ hold up to 300 pounds (135kg), making it​ an excellent option for adults looking for a sturdy and⁢ reliable chair. ⁣The ‌unique locking ​mechanism allows for a quick and easy set-up, so⁣ you can spend more time relaxing and⁣ less​ fussing with your chair. From camping and hiking to tailgating and beach trips, the YIZI ⁢2.0 is versatile and⁢ suitable for all ⁤outdoor activities.

And with its affordable price point, you won't have to break the bank to invest in a ‍high-quality and⁤ comfortable camp ‌chair. So why wait? your Portable Chair today‍ and experience the ultimate in ⁢lightweight, foldable camping chairs.

Why the TREKOLOGY Portable Camping Chair is the Perfect⁣ Choice for Your Next Hiking Adventure

Are ⁢you ⁢searching for the perfect camping chair for your next hiking adventure? Look no further than the TREKOLOGY Portable Camping Chair! This chair has ‍all​ the necessary features for ​a comfortable and ⁤enjoyable outdoor experience.⁤ Here's why the YIZI 2.0 Portable Folding Camp Chair is ⁢the best choice for your next ​:

  1. Comfortable and Durable:‌ The YIZI ‍2.0 Foldable Camp Chair has​ upgraded, durable ripstop​ polyester seat fabrics that are wider⁤ and stronger than previous versions. Its ‍spacious⁣ seat can ​hold up to 300 pounds,‌ making it perfect for adults⁢ of all⁢ sizes. You can relax ⁤comfortably, knowing this chair is built to ‍last.
  2. Quick and Easy ⁤Set-Up: The YIZI 2.0⁤ backpacking chair can be set up in seconds with its unique locking mechanism.⁣ Unfold the chair, ‌lock ⁣it, and you'll be ready to sit back and relax. It's perfect for camping,⁤ picnics, tailgating, and more.
  3. Versatile and Convenient: This portable camping chair is not ​just for camping. ​It's also great for hiking, beach trips, concerts, and other outdoor activities. It features two side pockets for storing ‌essentials and a loop design on the seat fabric for hanging‌ items. It's like having⁢ your armchair wherever you go.
  4. Affordable ‍and Lightweight: The TREKOLOGY YIZI 2.0 Portable Chair is both high-quality and affordable. You don't have to break the bank to have a comfortable chair for ​your outdoor adventures. Plus, it ⁢weighs only 3.09 lbs, making it easy to⁣ carry with you on your travels. It's compact and‍ can easily in ‌a backpack or trunk when folded.

Don't settle for ‍uncomfortable‌ or ⁣flimsy camping chairs on your next outdoor excursion. The TREKOLOGY YIZI ‌2.0 ⁢Portable Folding Camp Chair has everything ‍you need for a ​comfortable and hassle-free experience. So ⁣why wait?⁤ Order yours today and⁢ get ready ‌to sit back and relax‍ on your ⁣next hiking adventure. ​

Customer Reviews Analysis

Look closely at ⁢what ‍customers say‌ about TREKOLOGY YIZI⁤ 2.0 Portable Folding Camp Chairs. This lightweight and compact camping ⁣chair provides⁤ ultimate relaxation while backpacking, hiking, or⁣ camping. But does it live up‍ to its ‍promise? ⁢Let's ⁣find⁢ out‍ through the​ honest and unbiased opinions of customers who have purchased and tested this product.

Discover the Versatility and Quality of YIZI 2.0: Customers Share their Positive Experiences with This Durable and Comfortable Chair

Starting with the ‍positive reviews, one customer bought⁣ a ⁢more expensive chair but switched to​ the YIZI 2.0​ due to its lower price. They were​ pleasantly surprised ‍by its durability and comfort until⁤ one of the legs bent ⁣after just two weeks‍ of use. Despite this issue, ‍the customer was satisfied with⁣ the company's replacement ⁤policy and is‌ getting a ‌new chair. Another⁤ customer praises ‌this chair as a “perfect little chair” for camping and loves ⁤how easy it is to set ⁤up. They⁣ also plan on keeping it in their ​car ‌for any occasion. Conversely, there are a few⁢ negative reviews where customers encountered issues with the chair's stability.

One ​customer, who⁣ weighs 190 ⁤pounds, had⁢ the leg buckled and bent under them, making ⁢the chair unusable. They ​were disappointed ‌as ⁣the​ product is advertised ​to support up‌ to ⁣300 pounds. However, they still recommend it‍ and say it feels like an expensive⁤ chair. Some customers commented on the comfort level ‍of the YIZI 2.0. One reported that⁢ it was comfortable​ and easily carried, making it ⁣perfect for⁣ hiking and overnight trips.

Another customer noted it was more comfortable than the Yizi Go​ and Yizi Lite models. However, ⁤one customer⁢ mentioned that‌ the ‌chair⁤ did not sit up ‍as straight ⁤as they would have⁤ liked, ultimately leading them to return it. Overall, based on the positive and⁤ negative reviews, it can be concluded that the​ TREKOLOGY YIZI 2.0 Portable Folding Camp Chair has its strengths and weaknesses.

While many customers‌ found it comfortable and⁢ easy to carry, ​there were a few cases ‌where the ‍chair's stability was an⁢ issue. It is important to note ​that ‌the‌ company ​has a great ​return⁢ and ‍replace‍ policy, which⁢ seems to have left a ‌positive impression on customers. We hope this analysis helps⁢ you decide whether this chair⁣ is the⁣ right fit for your needs.

Pros And⁢ Cons


  1. Comfortable and Durable: The YIZI 2.0⁣ Foldable Camp ‌Chair is designed with upgraded, durable ripstop polyester seat fabrics that are wider and sturdier than previous versions. This makes it a perfect oversized camping chair for adults, capable of holding up to 300 ⁢pounds (135kg).⁤ You can relax⁢ comfortably, knowing your chair is built to last.
  2. Quick and Easy Set-Up: ⁣With its unique locking mechanism, the YIZI 2.0⁣ backpacking chair can be set up in seconds. Unfold the chair ‍and lock it into place,⁣ and you're⁤ ready to relax. This makes it ​a perfect option for those who don't ⁤want to ⁤spend too much ​time setting up ⁣their camping ‍gear.
  3. Versatile and Convenient: This camping chair is⁢ not limited ‌to camping. It⁢ is also suitable for various​ activities such as hiking, tailgating,⁣ and beach​ trips. Additionally, it features two side‍ pockets and a loop design on the seat fabric, providing added convenience for storing small items⁣ and keeping them within reach ‍while relaxing.
  4. Affordable: Despite its high-quality and impressive features,⁢ the‌ TREKOLOGY ‌YIZI 2.0 portable ​folding chair is surprisingly affordable. It⁤ offers excellent value for your money and is a perfect option for budget-conscious campers.
  5. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in ‍at only 3.09 lbs (1.4 kg), this chair is ​incredibly​ lightweight and easy to carry. It also folds to a compact size, smaller than a regular shoebox, making it easy to pack and transport. This makes it an excellent option ‍for backpackers ⁤and hikers who value portability and⁣ convenience.


  1. May Not Suitable ⁣for Tall ‍Individuals: ⁢While the​ chair has been ​designed to be broader and more ‍comfortable,⁤ it may not be suitable for taller individuals who may find ⁢themselves ‍cramped and ⁣uncomfortable sitting in it.
  2. May⁢ Not Be Ideal for Rough : The ​YIZI 2.0 Folding Camp Chair may not⁤ be the most stable option for rough terrain due to its lightweight and compact design. ⁣This could be a potential issue for those‍ planning ‌on ⁢using it on​ more challenging ⁤.
  3. Limited Color Options: The ​YIZI 2.0 chair is only available in a few color options, which ⁢may⁤ limit your choices regarding ⁤preferences.
  4. May​ Not Be Ideal for Heavy Use: Although the chair is durable and⁢ can⁣ hold up to 300 pounds,​ it may not be suitable for heavy⁣ daily use. Its lightweight⁣ design makes it ‌better suited for occasional rather than everyday use.
  5. No Back⁣ Support: The chair offers little back support while comfortable. This may not be an issue for short periods ⁤of use, but it ⁤could be‌ a⁤ potential drawback for those who require more⁤ back support. ⁤


Q: What makes the⁣ YIZI 2.0 camp‌ chair stand ​out from other portable camping chairs on the market? A: ⁢The YIZI 2.0 camp chair is ‌designed​ with‌ upgraded and durable ripstop polyester ⁢seat fabrics that are wider and can hold up to 300 pounds (about 136 kilos). This makes it ‌an excellent option for ⁤oversized⁢ adult camp chairs and​ one of the best outdoor camping ‌chairs available.

Q: Is the YIZI‍ 2.0 camp chair easy to set up? A: Yes! With its unique locking mechanism, the YIZI 2.0 camp chair sets up in seconds. ‌ Unfold the ⁢chair, lock it into place, and ‍you're ready to ⁣relax. ‍It also⁤ serves as a perfect folding camping chair, portable chair, folding lawn chair,⁢ and sports chair for adults.

Q: How versatile ‌is the YIZI 2.0 camp chair? A:‍ The YIZI ‌2.0 camp chair is perfect for various activities, including camping, hiking, tailgating,‍ and beach trips. It also features convenient side ‍pockets and a loop ⁣design‍ on the corner of the seat fabric for easy storage and accessibility.

Q: Is the​ YIZI‌ 2.0 camp⁣ chair affordable? A:⁢ Yes, the TREKOLOGY ‍YIZI 2.0 portable folding ‌chair is an affordable and ‍high-quality option for anyone needing a ‌comfortable compact chair for outdoor activities.

Q: How lightweight ⁣and portable ‍is the YIZI 2.0 camp⁤ chair? A: The YIZI 2.0 camp chair⁤ weighs only 3.09 pounds​ and can‌ fold to⁣ a compact size smaller than a regular shoebox,⁤ making it easy to ⁢carry and store while​ on‍ the go.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

So there you have‌ it, the ultimate relaxation companion for all your outdoor adventures – the TREKOLOGY YIZI 2.0 Folding Camp Chair.⁤ Its lightweight, ‍durable, and convenient design will‌ make it your go-to choice for‍ camping, hiking,‍ tailgating, or simply ⁤lounging in the backyard.

And⁢ with its affordable price, there's no reason not to add it‌ to your outdoor gear collection. Don't wait any longer; click⁣ here‍ to order your very own TREKOLOGY YIZI 2.0‍ Folding Camp ‍Chair today ⁤and experience the ultimate comfort and convenience ‌on your next outdoor escapade:

Damei century Portable Camping Chairs Enjoy The Outdoors with a Versatile Folding Chair, Sports Chair, Outdoor Chair & Lawn Chair, Green


User reviews

Definitely on the smaller side; perfect for a bigger kid. This chair was perfect for what I needed it for, which was a new camp chair for my 10 year old who's outgrown the specifically kid sized chairs. I deliberately wanted something smaller profile for her that's not as big as the chairs her dad and I have. This is perfect for it! It folds super easy to store out of the way when we don't need it and the construction is durable and comfortable for her. Big caveat is I would not be happy with it if I'd purchased it for myself--it's too small and I would feel very uncomfortable and precarious in it, wondering if it would actually hold me. For context I am 5'9" and my daughter is just under 5 feet. So, perfect for a tween/teen or perhaps a smaller adult, but definitely not the chair you want for a larger/taller adult!
It is on the smaller adult size. It worked great for me because I'm 5'1" . Anyone bigger it would be too small. It is a bit narrow also, so if someone has bigger size hips I wouldnt recommend. But I took it to my grandsons soccer games and was quite comfortable. It's also easy to carry.
Nice and . I like how lightweight it is but I feel like it may easily break
Canvas chair. It's good my only thought is it's too expensive. Otherwise made well and I needed it.
Good enough for me. It's light weight, a little small but I'm small so it's fine for me. The cup holder does not fit any size cup it's more for a beer bottle size, but not even a can. For the price it's good to go. I like the carrying case for easy storage or to keep in my car.
Kid size. This is not an adult size chair. Extremely cheap and uncomfortable
Very small. You kind of get what you pay for. Wasn't looking to pay much for a fold out chair. Thought this was a good option. It's not. I am medium to small framed man and the back support is way too tight making it impossible to sit back and be comfortable. Metal posts stick in both shoulder blades. Wish I could cut them to just have a stool because that is basically how you have to sit in this chair.
Always in My trunk. Exactly what I needed. Comfy and sturdy, always in My trunk just in case I need it

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Coleman Portable Camping Chair with 4-Can Cooler - Perfect for Camping, Tailgates, Beach, Sports and More

Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair, Cooling Mesh Back with Cup Holder, Adjustable Arm Heights, & Carry Bag; Supports up to 250lbs


User reviews

Way better than expected! A great value. We are two seniors in our mid-seventies. We bought two of these chairs mainly because they would fold up compactly, would fit in our limited motorhome storage, and be adequate for short term sitting. At this low price my expectations were modest. We've owned much more expensive camping chairs that either weren't comfortable or were too much trouble to set up or store away, or both.My first surprise: The build quality is very good; the finishes and fabrics are top notch. Longterm durability is difficult to judge, but they appear sturdy.Comfort is a very personal thing. But these are the first chairs that both of us find comfortable, even though I'm 5'11” and weight 185 lbs. and she is just 5'1” and weighs 120 lbs. They still feel comfortable even after an hour of sitting in them. Neither of us has any trouble getting out of them with or without using the front arm support.Bottom line: Our $59 chairs are now going to the garage sale box and these chairs are coming with us on our future adventures.
Lightweight & Sturdy. This Coleman chair is excellent, lightweight but sturdy, easy to remove from carrying bag and unfolds quickly and easily. Great for camping, Gen Admin events. Breaks down and goes back in bag just as easily. Recommended ☆☆☆☆☆
Simple chair for okay price. No bells and whistles. This was easy to unpack and pack back up with little to no trouble. Seems sturdy enough and is perfect for in the trunk of the car for picnics or cookouts.The fact that there is no cooler on the one handle and there is at least a bottle/cup holder makes it nice. The price is perfect for the product.Per some of the other pictures and the issues others have had, it looks like many kept them in the weather. That will not be the case for the two that we got, they do weather fast as we have had other brands and that is just what the rain and sun will do material.
Better Than The Cheap Chairs. One reason I bought this chair is for the Coleman brand name.I have a few cheaper chairs that feel too narrow and they don't fit in the bag that well.This chair was on sale for not much more than the cheapies were.The difference is the sturdiness, fit in the bag, and the comfort. This chair is the width I would expect for an adult. It's made of mesh but feels sturdy and it folds easily. It's just built much better than the big box bargain brands.
Really nice camp chair. This is a sturdy and nice looking chair to carry in the car for parades and cookouts. Not super light but the bag makes it easy to carry.
Oh well. Just too small for a normal-size adult male; I sent it back to Amazon for a refund. Materials looked OK, maybe a little flimsy when compared to chairs purchased in the past (from Coleman as well as other manufacturers). Chair looks virtually identical to entry-level chairs at Big Box sporting goods stores I checked out in person (Walmart, also), but much pricier------ordered online thinking maybe Coleman brand would offer a step-up in quality/materials/construction. Nope......
A great value-for-money chair. The Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair is a top pick for outdoor comfort. Its sturdy design holds up to 250 lbs while the cooling, ventilated mesh back provides comfort in hotter weather. An integrated cup holder adds convenience, while the chair's lightweight portability is a winner. It folds up effortlessly into the included carry bag, making transport and storage easy. At a competitive price, Coleman delivers an exceptional mix of durability, comfort, and practicality. A great value-for-money chair for all camping adventures.
Great Price. Product is not for heavier individuals
Parece ser resistente, somente o uso continuado para saber de fato. Material de boa qualidade, acabamento razoável.
Costo y beneficio en su calidad, cómoda y ligera
Comfortable and lighter than the one it replaced.
I got this there is no fault in this chair i went little more big in size and heavy duty so i have return this chair got another chair from the same company but this time very much as i have expected

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Overmont Oversized Folding Camping Chair - 385lbs Support with Padded Cushion Cooler Pockets - Heavy Duty Collapsible Chairs for Sports Garden Beach Fishing


User reviews

Very comfy. This chair is super comfortable! So much better to sit in than a cheap one! This chair supports your back really nice. Super happy with the quality.
Perfect for my size. It's exactly what I wanted, very comfortable and easy to carry.
Great Chairs. Durable chairs, great value
Better than a standard chair. Pretty comfortable but one of them broke within seconds of first use. It was a rivet that broke so I think I can fix it but didn't use it all summer and I'm terrible at returns so now I have a project to fix
Son very pleased with chair. My son loves the comfort and sturdiness of the chair. He plans to sit in it often.
Great product. The chairs were comfortable and the build quality was exceptional. I would definitely recommend.
Awesome camping chair. Got this camping chair for my husband, and it is the BEST camping chair we ever had. Sturdy, comfy, and lots of pockets to store stuff plus a drink holder. A++++
Maravillosa. Realmente cumple con todos los requisitos, excelente se las recomiendo
Great chairs very comfortable. Use them for ice fishing. Make it make it so much easier on my back having comfortable chair. These chairs are very well made and sturdy.
Super große und bequeme Stühle, lassen sich schnell aufbauen und auch wenn man etwas mehr wiegt halten sie das aus.
Sit in comfort! No worries about chairs collapsing (23 stone) Easy to get up from and not too heavy to transport!! Perfect for the larger ladies and gents!
I love this chair. No more supports sticking in my back. Wide chair with a high back. Great pockets, and very comfortable. Use this whilst watching my kids play football. Really sturdy. Overall best outside chair I have ever bought.
Llevamos unos días probando esta silla para camping, perfecta en estos momentos de vacaciones en los cuales nos la podemos llevar a todas partes y disfrutar al máximo de ella.Antes que nada, decir que la silla nos ha parecido especialmente grande, pensábamos que iba a ser algo más ligera y portable, pero realmente es bastante grande, con sus pros y contras ya que la silla tiene bastante aplomo, aunque por otro lado, pues la tenemos que transportar, eso sí, viene con su funda a modo de bandolera que nos podemos cargar cruzada a la espalda.Para usar la silla, algo tan sencillo como sacarla de la funda y desplegarla, no tiene ningún misterio y tanto plegarla como desplegarla son algo sencillo, sin complicación alguna. Una vez abierta, las silla es de tamaño generoso, nos podemos sentar en ella y notaremos la máxima comodidad que hayamos notado en una silla del estilo, verdaderamente es cómoda, aunque bien hemos de comentar que cuando nos sentamos tiende como a cerrarse un poco, es algo un tanto extraño, aunque no hemos visto que se llegue a cerrar nunca, sí es cierto que al principio da lugar a dudas si se nos cerrará en algún momento. Durante los días que la hemos usado, no hemos notado que nos de calor extra, más que cualquier otra silla de camping, así que nada que achacarle en este sentido ya que la silla se ve bastante acolchada y nos generaba ciertas dudas al inicio. Por otro lado comentar también que viene con bastantes extras como son el posavasos vamos a decir, donde podemos dejar, vasos, latas o botellines de lo que queramos, así pues en el otro lado viene con una pequeña neverita, que nos puede servir para almacenar productos que necesiten mantener cierta temperatura. La hemos visto muy completa, incluso trae bolsillos de rejilla para dejar móvil y demás, no le falta detalle ni comodidades para disfrutar de los mejores momentos de camping.Como resumen, decir que estamos nombrando de camping, ya que la silla es grande y voluminosa, no es adecuada para llevar mucho tiempo encima, así que lo ideal es llevarla a cualquier lado que podamos llegar en coche. Claramente al ser pesada y grande aporta mucha estabilidad y todos los compartimentos extra que trae, son bienvenidos para usarlos en los mejores momentos, bien con un refresco y una cerveza mientras vemos una bonita puesta de sol, por poner un ejemplo. La silla tiene su precio, pero realmente creemos que lo vale.

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Amazon Basics Folding Mesh-Back Outdoor Camping Chair With Carrying Bag - 34 x 20 x 36 Inches, Blue

LUBBYGIM Camping Chairs, Portable Camp Chairs, 2 Pack Lightweight Outdoor Chairs for Outdoor Camp, Travel, Beach, Picnic, Festival, Hiking, Backpacking, Supports 265Lbs


User reviews

Great chairs. These chairs are nice and compact for carrying but setup well and are comfortable for sitting. It takes a little longer to pack up but much easier to carry two of these from the soccer field to the car than the standard camping chairs. Very happy with them.
Chairs arrived faulty, some bottom caps broke on first use and one chair was missing a side pocket. When it arrived, one of the chairs seem used and was faulty. They do not seem like very sturdy chairs at all. We any how assemble them and after the first use the bottom caps broke on one of the chairs and flew away in the parking area were we used them. Also, one the chairs only came with one side pocket and the other had them both. I would NOT recommend this product.
Very comfortable, high-quality chair. The most comfortable and compact camping chair, easy and quick to assemble, and very convenient for traveling.
Lightweight and simple. Love this chair! It's perfect and fits right into my backpack. This chair was just what we wanted ... sturdy, lightweight, easy to fold and comfortable.
Comfortable. Smaller and lighter to carry, and has a better recline angle. The first few times you use it, it'll be a little difficult to get the chair into the pole pockets. But it doesn't matter too much.

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Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chairs - Enjoy the Outdoors with a Versatile Folding Chair for Sports, Outdoor & Lawn - Dual Lock Feature Locks Position – Maldives Blue


User reviews

Awesome chair, with comparison to other similar chairs. I needed four chairs, so I ordered four different chairs with similar styles and with similarly high ratings because I just couldn't tell which one I wanted. In addition to this Kijaro chair ($40), I ordered (all from Amazon):(1) Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair ($55)(2) ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair ($60)(3) Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler ($35)They were all fine, but each one had a small demerit except this one. This one was my favorite overall for two main reasons: It was the most comfortable and it has TWO sizes of cup holders. One is smaller for cans and beer bottles, and one is larger for bigger cups/mugs. It was the only chair with a cup holder big wide enough for my plastic, stemless wine glasses. Bravo to the designer for the attention to detail. I'm smaller so it felt plenty sturdy to me, but my 200-lb husband also thought it was plenty sturdy, especially for the chair's light weight. Another great feature is the breathable mesh backing. I live in Texas so this was really important for summer use. I love the push button release to collapse the chair to pack it up. This feature was unique to this chair. It was super easy to pack it back into its carrier. And at $40, I think this one was a deal. We haven't used any of the chairs yet but I'll provide an update if anything goes wrong.Comments on the other chairs relative to this one:(1) Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair ($55) -- no cup holders; of course this is obvious when you buy it so no surprise; positive is that it was very comfortable to me (5'6, 140 lbs); also, it was the only other chair out of the 4 with a breathable mesh backing; it was also lightweight (~7lbs) and easy to repack; this was the only low-to-the-ground chair I bought and I liked it, but I think the price is a little too high considering it is no where near as substantial as the King Kong one which was almost the same price.(2) ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair ($60) -- extraordinarily sturdy and wider than the other three but you "pay" for for the extra tough engineering and extra space in terms of weight; it's heavy (~13 lbs); the seat padding was also double thick compared to the others; the thick material was very comfortable and would be great in cold weather but probably not on a hot summer day; overall this chair is very comfortable and very nice, but it is more than I need; I think someone who was 275+ lbs would really like/need this chair; the price was excellent considering it's quality; one last thing; because the seating fabric is so robust, this one was the hardest to put back into the carrying bag. Still, I like the chair a lot.(3) Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler ($35) -- I found this one to be the least comfortable; I wouldn't call it uncomfortable but it wasn't as comfortable as the other three; there's just something different about the angle, or weight distribution or something; the zip-up armrest cooler, which looks like it could hold 3-4 cans, is a nice touch, especially if you're in very hot weather, but I just don't see why anyone would take drinks out of the actual cooler to put them in the armrest cooler. Also, once you've opened up a can, you're not likely to put it down into the armrest cooler bc it could tip over inside, unless maybe you fill the armrest cooler with ice or other unopened cans?; also, this one was a little heavier than the others at 8.42 lbs (except for the ultra-sturdy King Kong); it felt sturdy, but not really sturdier than it's lighter weight counterparts; the polyester fabric felt nice and I think it will be very durable.
Throne for the Tall: Kijaro Dual Lock Large Foldable Camping Chair. Finding a camping chair that caters to the big and tall can be a challenge, but the Kijaro Dual Lock has proven to provide comfort and sturdiness for those of us on the taller side. The large and foldable design of this chair is a game-changer. The spacious seating area accommodates well, and the thoughtful engineering ensures that even taller individuals can relax without feeling cramped. The dual lock system adds an extra layer of security, providing peace of mind when settling into the chair. Durability is a standout feature. The robust construction and quality materials give the chair a solid feel, and it holds up well even with repeated use. The convenience of folding it into a compact size makes it a hassle-free companion for camping trips and outdoor adventures.
Best chairs for kid sports. These are my favorite chairs for all outdoor portable chair needs! We use them 3 days a week in 3 seasons for kids sports. We've had our original 2 for probably 8 years now. They hold up well and are easy to set up and fold back up. But my absolute favorite thing about these chairs is comfort! I can't stand collapsible camp chairs where you can feel metal bars under your thighs and feel like you're being swallowed up by the chair. I loathe them. These have a great design with a locking mechanism and a sturdy flat-like seat. The height of the chair is great, you're not sitting too low like some camp chairs. I have lower back issues and think very highly of these chairs. We now have 6 of them and we've recommended them to many friends and family.
Easy to open/close and very comfortable. These chairs are easy to open/close and very comfortable to sit in. I am 5'4" and 150lbs, not tiny bit not huge either, just normal. I got these chairs to replace my old school bag chairs after sitting in my sister's flat bottom style bag chair - SOOOO much better than the old saggy bottom and slouchy back style. Totally worth the money if you're going to be spending a lot of time in one - like camping or at kids athletic games like I am. I did read the reviews and after having used them 3-4 times a week for a month I really haven't noticed any fraying or wear/tear. I am also treating them fairly nicely since at $42 each they aren't exactly cheap for my family. I try to take care of things that I want/need to last a long time. Anyway, the material is sturdy and comfortable to sit on in shorts or even a wet bikini (which is something to note as old style bag chairs really suck to have your skin on and some mesh fabrics are abrasive). They open and lock which I love because I'm constantly piling my stuff on the chair and dragging it all to another field or campsite so that it doesn't collapse while being carried is very nice feature - plus it is safer and more stable when kids are climbing all over them like they do. I really like that the arms are wide like old style bags so that your whole arm is comfortable. The two cup holders are big enough for a stainless thermal 12oz wine cup to fit which is great - any can, bottle or yeti type tumbler will fit too. There is a good size misc bag/pouch attached to the bottom of the seat on one side which is great as it kind of hides whatever you stuck in there out of plain sight - it fit my iPhone 8, 10oz tube of sunscreen and 5oz stick sunscreen with room for more. The bag is a sturdy canvas and the right size so it's easy to put over the collapsed chair - you wont feel like you are fighting the bag. The shoulder strap fits over the chair back so it wont get lost or blow away. I wanted the aqua/turquoise color but it wouldn't arrive on time so we got the royal blue which is nice and vivid. So far I am very happy with the chairs and definitely suggest them if you are looking to upgrade to the flat bottom bag style chair without spending $60+ per chair. I will continue to keep in mind that some have had wear/tear issues and endeavor to treat them nicely.
We got this for our rv. We travel about 3 months a year and use the chair a lot. Loved it c=so much we ditched the one my wife had and bought a second one. Easy to fold up and store when we get back in the road. The storage bag is an extra perk as it is strong and durable like the chairs
My husband and I splurged a little and bought two of these for camping. We love them! He loves that it is a slightly higher, wider chair that offers a lot of support. It is a bit high for me to sit with my legs down, but I love that it is a bit wider because I usually sit with one or both legs under me anyway, so it is very comfortable for that. The colours are very fun (I got purple; he got blue). Because of the great way they sit when opened, they don't fold up with the legs even, so you can't leave them to stand alone when collapsed. They do open up and collapse easily though. They are also a bit longer when collapsed then other brands, but we are happy to accommodate both of those things because they are wonderful chairs to sit and relax in.
Easy to open and close. Light weight to carry to and from the car. Great quality. Very comfortable. I keep them in my trunk for watching kids play summer sports.
Completely satisfied with this purchase.
Love the fuchsia colour! Love the's comfortable! Love the sturdiness! Does not disappoint!

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