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The Best 3 Camping Tent Recommendations

Camping For 4 Seasons

Camping has never been easier. Hot tents are the ultimate gadgets for camping beginners and experienced campers alike. With a hot tent, you can enjoy camping all year round!

Camping tents also function as protection from the hot sun during the day. The scorching rays of the sun, especially when the weather is scorching hot, can cause heatstroke and that is dangerous. Therefore, there are several things you need to consider regarding the material and color of the camping tent. There is a type of tent-making material that is anti-UV.

Hot Tent Camping

This is because these types of fabrics have a higher density than cotton or linen. Several types of tent fabrics can withstand UV rays, such as nylon, polyester, unbleached cotton, and solution-dyed acrylic. If you are camping in the mountains or doing it during the dry season, you should choose a hot tent camping made of fabric material.

We recommend choosing a dark-colored tent. Dark colors are known to absorb the sun’s heat well. Thus, your skin can be protected from harmful UV rays. However, dark colors will make the conditions inside the tent more sultry.

Meanwhile, bright colors, such as white, yellow, or orange can reflect sunlight well. It will be cooler in the tent. However, the color is not able to block the harm from UV rays. Next, we will recommend the best camping tent products that we determine based on how to choose above.

Hot tent camping

Usually, the larger the capacity of the camping tent, the more expensive the price. This product can be a solution for those of you who are looking for a large capacity tent at a more economical price. You just need to prepare a budget of under 500 thousand and you can get a double layer tent which is enough for 6 people. Thanks to this tent, camping with friends becomes even more economical.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac UNISTRENGH 4 Season Large Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Beige Glamping Tent – Cotton Canvas
– Safe and Breathable
– High-strength Cotton Canvas Tent
Check Price
backpac Elk Mountain Tents Outdoor Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent – Best Quality Canvas
– Highly Durable And Waterproof
– Reinforced Corners
Check Price
cordlessblower Elk Mountain Tents Outdoor Large Canvas Waterproof Bell Tent and Angle Kit – Best Quality Canvas
– Highly Durable And Waterproof
Check Price

Pros and Cons Hot Tent Camping


  • The heavy-duty PVC floor kept rain and groundwater out
  • A rain cap placed on the middle pole keeps out unwanted moisture
  • The screen covering for the door allowed great views while keeping unwanted bugs outside
  • Holds in heat very well


  • The storage bag wasn’t very big, and I struggled to get the canvas tent back in it

Decathlon Quechua Arpenaz 4.1
Decathlon Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 is designed to meet the needs of camping tents for families. This tent with a capacity of four people has two rooms that are quite spacious. The main room can be used as a gathering and resting room. Then, the terrace space can be a place to eat or put things. The outer layer of the tent uses an anti-UV material with a UPF of 30. In addition, this tent has also been tested to be able to stand strong when exposed to wind speeds of 50 km/hour. The outside of the tent has a water pressure resistance of 2,000 mm. You don’t have to worry about the tent leaking when it rains.

Consina Tent Magnum 4
Generally, the frame is mounted on the inner part of the tent, but this tent has a frame mounted on the outer part. The goal is that this tent can be a shelter. This shelter mode can be used as a temporary resting place. Shelter mode can also be useful for emergency needs, such as when you have to set up a tent when it suddenly rains. For those of you who often go camping in the rainy season or hiking on long routes, choose this product.

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