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Survival & Tactical Full Face Respirator – Compatible with Industry Standard 40mm Gas Filter Canister – Emergency Escape Mask

Survival & Full Face Respirator – Emergency Escape Mask

Date First Available: January 11, 2022
Manufacturer: Parcil Distribution

Emergency Escape Mask

The Survival and Tactical Full Face Respirator – Emergency Escape Mask is a new product that lets you escape from the smoke and other dangerous gases in a building with no visibility. In addition, the mask is easy to install.

This product can be used as part of self-defense in a workplace with toxic gases. However, confrontations with criminals are not the only case where this product can be helpful. Sometimes, just walking into a chemical plant can put your life at risk, so being prepared anything will you safe.

This is not just people on the job or volunteering in disaster relief missions – it’s also convenient ordinary people.

A Full Face Respirator

A Full Face Respirator is an industrial mask often used in industries where workers are exposed to high BPAs of particulate matter.

It is a type of respirator that covers the wearer’s face with a filter and is sometimes called an escape mask. It provides more respiratory protection than other types of masks, such as half-face respirators or combination face masks. Such masks are commonly used in construction work, law enforcement, firefighting, industrial manufacturing, waste disposal, and hazardous material handling.

In emergencies like leaks or earthquakes where evacuation may be difficult and time-consuming, people can use this escape mask to have more time to safety.

Full Warranty Survival Mask

Be confident in your investment! Visit Parcil Distribution website to register or file claims.

USA Distributed – High-Quality Respirator

Premium full-face mask. Parcil Distribution has a 100% money-back guarantee!

Multi-Purpose Protection Emergency Mask

The mask for working with chemicals and other toxic substances. Including chemical laboratory, inspection , and environmental technology

Ensure To Remove Protective Face Mask Film For Best Visibility – Cannot Be Worn With Glasses.

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