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Survival And Tactical Full Face Respirator – Compatible With Industry Standard 40mm Gas Filter Canister – Emergency Escape Mask


Survival And Tactical Full Face Respirator – Emergency Escape Mask

Date Available: January 11, 2022
Manufacturer: Parcil Distribution

Emergency Escape Mask

The Survival and Full Face – Emergency Escape Mask is a new product that lets you escape from the smoke and other dangerous gases in a building without visibility. In addition, the mask is easy to install.


This product can be used in self-defense in a workplace with toxic gases. However, confrontations with criminals are not the only case where this product can be helpful. Sometimes, just walking into a chemical plant can put your life at risk, so being prepared for anything will keep you safe.

This is not just for people on the job or volunteering in disaster relief missions – it's also convenient for ordinary people.

A Full Face Respirator

A Full Face Respirator is an industrial mask often used in industries where workers are exposed to high BPAs of particulate A respirator covers the wearer's face with a large filter and is sometimes called an escape mask. It provides respiratory protection than other types of masks, such as half-face respirators or combination face masks.


Such masks are commonly used in construction work, law enforcement, firefighting, industrial manufacturing, waste disposal, and hazardous material handling.

In emergencies like gas leaks or earthquakes, where evacuation may be difficult and time-consuming, people can use this escape mask to more time to find safety.

Full Warranty Survival Mask

Be confident in your investment! Visit the Parcil Distribution website to register or claims.

USA Distributed – High-Quality Respirator

Premium full-face mask. Parcil Distribution has a 100% -back guarantee!

Multi-Purpose Protection Emergency Mask

The perfect mask for working with chemicals and other toxic substances. Including chemical laboratory, inspection equipment, and environmental technology

To Remove the Protective Face Mask Film For Best Visibility – It cannot Be Worn With Glasses

Reviews On Amazon

Six Safety Guidelines For Camping And Outdoors

As benign as camping may seem compared to extreme and activities like bungee jumping or rock climbing, you still to be cautious about your safety during a camping trip.


Below are some safety guidelines to ensure an enjoyable and safe camping experience.

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3. Don't eat inside the tent. Again, this is a precaution to avoid the small but terrible insects like ants that will follow trails of crumbs inside your tent and possibly feast on your skin. So if you don't want to be awakened in the middle of the night or wake up the next day with red stinging ant bites on your body, say no to a late evening snack inside the tent.


4. Speaking of insects, another kind you should protect yourself from are mosquitoes which are familiar residents in forest areas. These dreadful insects, as tiny as they are, can cause diseases like malaria and dengue. Pack sufficient insect repellent and bring a tent with mesh screens to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

5. Never try lighting candles or gas lanterns inside your tent. This is extremely dangerous and may start a fire. Instead, opt for safe catalytic heaters like the Coleman SportCat Perfectemp Catalytic Heater with InstaStart Technology designed for indoor use or used in enclosed areas such as a tent.

It is a good idea to place this heater in an elevated location, like on top of a cooler, so that it does not come in contact with the tent's and minimizes the risk of you rolling over on it as you sleep. Also, keep it at least two feet away from anything that heat can harm.

6. Pick a safe and well-known campsite. Don't go for deserted areas that are very far from civilization. Many camping have guards to keep you safe even at night. But if you are adventurous and love camping in the middle of the forest, choosing spots recommended by fellow campers or tried by friends and family is wise.

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