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8 Pack Socks Amazing Unisex Premium Bamboo Fiber – Super Soft Socks

8 Pack Socks Amazing Unisex Premium Fiber – Super Soft Socks

Eight-pack socks is a set of socks made for people with many socks. They are the perfect gift for someone who likes socks. The is made from , which is super soft and stretchy. In addition, they are high quality and low cost.

Material: 74% Rayon from ,21% Polyester,2% Nylon,3% Rubber.

Extremely Soft

made from bamboo is incredibly soft. Compared with hemp or wool, bamboo fiber can aid you in getting rid of allergies. In addition, materials made from bamboo are becoming more and more popular, specifically among green-conscious people.

One of the most distinct qualities of bamboo fiber is it is sweat-absorbing. Odor resistant, after several washes. Cushioned Sole: Extra convenience and wetness absorption make your feet and comfy.

Bamboo fiber can take in up to 3 times its weight in water, and its material gains the capability to pull wetness away from the skin, permitting it to vaporize. Therefore, bamboo socks are going aid to keep your feet dry. In addition, the toe location style is free from any annoying seams.

Strengthened Toe And Heel Parts

Strengthened toe and heel parts of socks so they will no longer be damaged quickly.

Tips: Bamboo fiber will be much softer after the very first wash. We recommend you wash them before you put them on. Compared to socks, bamboo socks appear smaller-sized. However, they are very stretchable. The material is long-lasting and sustains its softness through several cleans.

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