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PacSafe Camsafe X17 Anti-theft Camera Backpack – Black Travel Backpack

PacSafe Camsafe X117 Anti-theft Camera Backpack – Black Travel Backpack

The anti-theft camera backpack with a built-in rain cover. With 17-litres of storage, including a protective laptop sleeve, a side access camera insert with padded, modular Velcro dividers, this bag also includes anti-theft technology to help keep your gear secure.

Protects Against Slash & Run Theft

Exomes splashguard – hidden stainless steel wire mesh helps protect against slash & run theft.

Robar Sport Locking System

Robar Sport locking system – central lockdown point for zippers, helps protect against pickpockets and snatch & grab theft. Included is a hole for a small lock to provide an extra level of security.

Rfid Safe Blocking Pocket

RFID safe blocking pocket and material – RFID blocking material (10Mhz – 3Ghz) helps prevent electronic identity theft.

Pop-N-Lock Security Clip

Pop-n-lock security clip – secured buckle to help protect against bag snatchers & carry safe splashguard straps – wire-reinforced straps help prevent slash and run theft.


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