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PacSafe Camsafe X17 Anti-theft Camera Backpack – Protective Travel Backpack

PacSafe Camsafe X117 – Black Travel Backpack

Pacsafe is a company that specializes in security and protection. They offer products to protect people from theft, such as anti-theft bags, anti-theft backpacks, and other security products.

The Pacsafe Camsafe X117 is the perfect travel companion any photographer or videographer.

The backpack is designed to keep all of your equipment safe from thieves with its high-quality materials and features including slashguard straps, lockable zippers, and a locking cable. The bag also comes with a padded compartment your laptop.

The Pacsafe Camsafe X117 is an excellent choice anyone who has expensive camera gear they want to protect while traveling.

The Anti-Theft Camera Backpack

The anti-theft camera backpack with a rain cover. With 17 liters of storage, including a protective laptop sleeve and side access camera inserts with padded, modular Velcro dividers, this bag also includes anti-theft technology to help keep your gear secure.

Protects Against Slash And Run Theft

Exomes splashguard – hidden stainless steel wire mesh helps protect against slash-and-run theft.

Robar Sports Locking System

Robar Sport locking system – central lockdown point for zippers, helps protect against pickpockets and snatch & grab theft. Included is a hole for a small lock to an extra level of security.

Rfid Safe Blocking Pocket

RFID safe blocking pocket and material – RFID blocking material (10Mhz – 3Ghz) helps prevent electronic identity theft.

Pop-N-Lock Security Clip

Pop-n-lock security clip – secured buckle to help protect against bag snatchers and carry safe splashguard straps – wire-reinforced straps help prevent slash-and-run theft.


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