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Jim Green – Razorback Steel Toe Boots for Men – ASTM and ISO Certified Steel Toe Cap for Construction – Comfortable Handmade Leather – Water Resistant Shoes


Razor-Sharp Style and Unbeatable Durability: A Review of Jim Green's Razorback Steel Toe Boots

Jim Green BannerJim Green Banner

Jim Green boots on a truck bedJim Green boots on a truck bed

Jim Green's Razorback Steel Toe Boots perfectly blend style and protection. The boots have a sharp, stylish look that makes them perfect for . The steel toe cap provides unbeatable protection, making them ideal for working in construction or industrial fields. In addition, the traction sole helps keep your firmly on the ground, even in wet or icy conditions.


The boots are also made with waterproof leather, ensuring they remain comfortable and dry in all conditions. The interior is lined with comfortable, breathable fabric to keep your feet cool and dry. The gusseted tongue helps remove debris and dirt, while the padded collar provides additional comfort and support. The heel counter is solid and supportive, providing extra stability.

Built Tough for the Toughest Jobs: Jim Green Razorback Steel Toe Boots for

At Jim Green, makers seamlessly merge cutting-edge boots with premium design principles. As a result, each pair of men's boots is crafted to meet the highest standards that thousands of Jim Green customers have to expect from them.

With durable materials as challenging as you, the Jim Green Razorback Steel Toe work boot is second to none. Each pair of Razorback Steel Toe for men is rigorously examined before they leave the factory. If these for men don't meet the highest standards, then they don't sell them, simple as that!

Boot with sparksBoot with sparks

As Tough as Nails Boots

Each pair of men's Razorback Steel Toe work boots is crafted from heavy-duty materials to keep you safe on construction sites or out in the field. For example, Jim Green men's work boots featured a steel shank insert between the sole and cushion for extra stability and reinforced metal eyelets. In addition, the Razorback Steel Toe Cap boot can tackle all terrain, making it ideal for the outdoor worker requiring extra durability.

Razorback Steel Toe Boots on a tableRazorback Steel Toe Boots on a table

Boots being madeBoots being made

Razorback Steel Toe boots in handRazorback Steel Toe boots in hand

Weather Resistant Design For Boots

Razorback Steel Toe work boots for men feature an advanced double layer of protection, making them ideal for men's hiking shoes or winter boots. The durable external layer of Jim Green ankle boots for men a full grain leather that helps guard against exposure to the elements, while the soft inner layer of these work boots is crafted from calf hide for improved comfort.

Built South African Tough

Jim Green's working boots have been forged in the rugged conditions of South African bushland. These non-slip boots for men are handcrafted from locally sourced materials using only labor.

Trusted by South Africans for their “never say die” attitude, Razorback men's leather boots are a game changer for people who demand premium work and hunting gear for men as tough as they are.


Superior Posture Protection

Jim Green knows the importance of staying steady on your feet while working with power tools, which is why Razorback Steel Toe construction boots for men advanced posture support.

In addition, shoemakers have incorporated thermoplastic inserts into each men's work boot to help you stay upright. Better still, these lightweight work boots for men also feature innovative ankle padding for greater comfort, support, and protection.Photo from factory floor of boots being madePhoto from factory floor of boots being made

Jim Green Boot Makers Have Thought of Everything

These leather steel-toe work boots leave you wanting nothing more. Here's what them apart:

  1. Safety: Razorback lightweight boots for men include bellows tongues to prevent debris from entering value: Jim Green work boots for men are recognized as some of the best work boots money can buy
  2. Rugged: our heavy duty work boots are engineered to the highest quality standards and are built to last ASTM F2413-18 (I) (C) (EH) approved ISO 20345 approved steel toe cap
  3. Comfort; Jim Green's Razorback work boots for men are engineered with comfort and safety in mind; These leather boots for men feature thermoplastic posture inserts for improved support; What's more, these premium men's boots include ankle padding for greater comfort and protection; When you need practical working boots for men, Jim Green is the answer.
  4. ; More than just men's work boots, these non-slip boots for men feature a double protective leather layer to guard against getting wet; With a tough whole grain outer layer, and a soft calf leather lining, Razorbacks also make men's hiking shoes and men's winter boots.
  5. Hi grip: Advanced traction in the field; Jim Green men's non-slip work boots offer sure-footed stability in almost any conditions
  6. Trust only Jim Green lightweight work boots and camping gear for men that help you put your best foot forward.
  7. Certified Steel Toe; ASTM F2413-18 (I) (C) (EH) and ISO 20345 accredited steel toe boot.
  8. These advanced construction boots for men feature steel-reinforced soles for better worksite stability and safety. Better still, these ankle boots for men are strengthened with reinforced stitching and heavy-duty metal eyelets.
  9. Forged in harsh South African conditions, Razorback construction boots are as tough as you are
  10. Versatile; Whether you need men's leather boots for work or leisure, Razorbacks are crafted to fit perfectly into your life; These outdoor boots for men are as equally at home in the field as they are on the work site; From tops to factory floors, Jim Green comfortable work boots for men are the only pair of leather work boots you'll ever need

Razorback Steel Toe Boots on a tableRazorback Steel Toe Boots on a table

Boots As Versatile as You

More than work boots, Razorback Steel Toe leather boots for men are as practical at the construction site as they are atop a mountain. Although they are trusted as an adventure all-rounder, these hiking boots men love their water-resistant materials and advanced posture support.

Jim Green's boots for work and leisure put the competition to shame.

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