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Hot Tent Camping in a Snow Storm – Wood Stove Meal

Hot Tent Camping in a Snow Storm - Wood Stove Meal

Camping Is A Great Experience In The Winter

Camping is a great experience in the winter. You get to disconnect from society and connect with nature. Plus you have all of the benefits of being a camper: a warm sleeping bag, cozy fire, hot tea, and all the stars in the sky.

Camping is not easy during wintertime. It’s challenging to get out of bed each morning when it’s dark and cold outside. You also need to be prepared for all types of weather conditions – rain, snow, ice on the ground. But with just a few days off work it can be worth it!

Winter Camping Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Winter camping is becoming increasingly popular. This not only includes people using their RVs and tents, but also people who sleep in their cars and have a wood stove to keep them warm.

However, all this fun can go horribly wrong if you are unprepared for the worst case scenario. One of the most important things to keep in mind is your level of preparedness for winter camping. If you are going out with friends or a group of friends, it’s best to plan ahead together and make lists of what you will need beforehand so that nothing is forgotten.

Hot Tent Camping in a Snow Storm – Wood Stove Meal (Video)

In this video you can experience hot tent outdoor camping in a snow storm! Find out what it can be to be backpacked high into the mountains and caught in a freezing storm, while temperature levels drops to 19 F (-7 C). Wind gusts of 30 miles per hour (48 kph). After set up camp and fire up the wood range prepare some delicious beef stroganoff. The landscapes are absolutely lovely! Hopefully you enjoy the adventure!

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Discovering Camp
01:52 Setting Up Camp
05:17 Processing Firewood
11:03 Getting Water
12:52 Splitting Kindling
15:00 Starting The Stove
17:00 Cooking Supper
21:01 Bedtime
22:59 Making Breakfast
24:33 Cider By The Lake
26:45 Breaking Camp

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