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Fltom Tent Stove: The Ultimate Outdoor Camp Stove with a Large Firebox and View Glass

The Fltom Tent Stove is the ultimate outdoor camp stove, designed for those who love to explore the great outdoors without compromising comfort. This stove stands out with its large firebox, which can provide ample heat for cooking and warmth. The firebox is designed to burn efficiently, reducing the amount of fuel needed and producing less smoke.

One of the unique features of the Fltom Tent Stove is its view glass. This allows users to enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the fire while ensuring the fire is burning correctly. This combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal makes the Fltom Tent Stove a must-have for any camping enthusiast.

Experience the Great Outdoors in Comfort with Fltom’s Chimney Pipe Tent Stove

The Fltom camping tent range boasts an efficient heat source that caters to your camping needs, enabling you to extend your stay even in cold weather conditions. This feature provides a comfortable and inviting base with ample warmth to keep you cozy for longer. Additionally, it allows you to dry any damp clothing, boots, and equipment that you may have, making it a valuable asset for your outdoor activities.

Moreover, the Fltom camping tent range allows you to cook hot food and access hot water within the confines of your tent, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating break from the elements. This feature allows you to enjoy a warm meal inside a cozy tent, essential during colder weather conditions. You can use only a tent suitable for using a stove inside the tent. A carbon monoxide detector is also strongly recommended.

Stay Toasty Anywhere: A Comprehensive Look at the Fltom Tent Stove

1. Increased firebox volume
2. Glassdoor for a clear inside view
3. Comes with the trigger arrestor
4. Makes outside outdoor camping relaxing and relaxing in extreme winter seasons
5. Stove pipelines let the smoke escape straight into the air
6. Heats the camping tent, making you sleep much better in freezing temperatures
7. Adjustable legs make it simpler to pack and stay in location on irregular premises
8. Without any severe modifications, keep your dry and warm throughout cold and damp weather conditions

Experience the Great Outdoors in Comfort with Fltom’s Large Firebox Tent Stove – Tips For Using Stove

1. Gloves must be used when assembling/disassembling/using the range to prevent cut/burn injuries
2. The range body and chimney pipeline will be exceptionally hot when the range is in use
3. Welding marks/scratches might be noticeable in the item’s look. However, performance will not be impacted. Stainless steel products will modify shape and color after usage; however, performance will not be affected

Innovative Design and Features of Fltom’s Outdoor Camp Stove

Large Spark Arrestor: The spark arrestor is a crucial component of the flue system, located at the top of the chimney with a protective cover and small perforations for smoke to escape while preventing the release of burning ash and coals that may damage your camping equipment or ignite a fire.

Stay Warm and Enjoy the View: Fltom’s View Glass and Chimney Pipes

Visual Windows: The door of our high-temperature-resistant camping stove features a single transparent glass panel, allowing campers to enjoy the mesmerizing flames inside. Additionally, it will enable monitoring of the fuel-burning process and the addition of fuel as needed.

Compact Storage: This camping stove is designed for easy storage and transport. Its legs, pipeline sections, spark arrestor, and stove body can be conveniently folded down for compact packing. The stove top also features folding handles and side racks, providing extra space for cooking, drying wood, or hanging damp clothes.


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