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Experience Japan with Car Camping: Discover the Charm of Kimono and Natto on Your Journey

Joyful woman in vibrant yellow jacket enjoys picturesque lake view during her unforgettable journey exploring Japan.

Embark on a unique adventure in by exploring the country's hidden gems through car camping. Discover the fascinating kimono culture and relish the 's deliciousness on your . With car camping, you can explore beyond the usual tourist destinations and experience Japan a local. So pack your bags, rent a car, and let's go on an unforgettable journey to uncover the charm of Japan.

Experience Japan with Car Camping: Discover the Charm of Kimono and Natto on Your Journey


Japan is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, mouth-watering cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. The opportunity to explore Japan and experience its unique offerings is a dream come true for many travelers. However, what makes the experience even better is enjoying everything the country offers at your own pace, in the of your accommodation.

In this video, the creator will share his car camping experience in Japan, particularly during his to see a kimono exhibition. He will take viewers through his journey, highlighting his cultural and culinary experiences. He will also provide insights into how he prepared for the trip and what gear he used.

The Journey

The creator of this video made a trip to Japan to see a kimono exhibition. He also decided to explore the and enjoy the Japanese way of life. He traveled around in his light truck camper to cater to his adventurous spirit and flexibility. He arrived in Japan by plane and drove to the exhibition center. Upon arriving, the first thing that caught his attention was the stunning Hanamomo, a flowering peach tree. It was a magnificent sight, and he couldn't resist taking pictures to capture the moment.

Preparations for the Trip

The creator of this video knew he would need to prepare adequately for his car camping trip to everything went smoothly. He researched the country, the roads, and the necessary gear. Here's what he did:

  • He used a to store his food and drinks.
  • He used solid fuel as a heat source to cook my meals.
  • He used a mess tin as a plate and a cooking utensil.
  • He brought my SONY α7c camera for shooting videos and pictures.
  • He had a sound recorder for capturing the natural sounds and BGM in the video.
  • He used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage.

The Culinary Experience

Japanese food is known to be both delicious and healthy, and he was excited to try some new dishes. For his dinner on the first night, he made boiled with daikon and rice. The daikon was very flavorful and paired well with the chicken. For breakfast the following day, he tried natto, a fermented soybean dish with plain rice and sausages. Natto is sticky and has a unique flavor and texture that takes some time to get used to. But once you acquire a taste for it, you'll love it.

He also used the leftover daikon to make a salad, which he topped with Ponzu sauce. Ponzu sauce is a dressing made with soy sauce, citrus juice, and vinegar. It complemented the salad perfectly and gave it a refreshing taste.

Sleeping in the Camper

At night, he shifted his camper to sleeping mode using the bed area provided by the vehicle. The bed was , and he could enjoy the cool breeze with open windows.

The Exhibition and More

After breakfast, his next stop was the kimono exhibition. This awe-inspiring event allowed him to learn about Japanese fashion and its history. He loved it! He also visited a nearby waterfall and enjoyed the natural, breathtaking scenery.

On his way to the lookout, he threw a plate for good luck, per Japanese tradition. It was a memorable experience.


was a one-of-a-kind experience. The journey allowed him to explore Japan's culture and culinary wonders and immerse himself in the beautiful .


  1. What did he use for cooking during your camping trip?
  • He used solid fuel and a mess tin to cook and heat his meals during the camping trip.
  1. What camera did he use for the video and photographs?
  • He used the SONY α7c camera for shooting videos and pictures.
  1. What editing software did he use for the video?
  • He used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage.
  1. What was the creator's favorite meal during the trip?
  • His favorite meal during the trip was boiled chicken with daikon and rice.
  1. What cultural experiences did he have during the trip?
  • He could visit the kimono exhibition, throw a plate for good luck, and witness beautiful natural sights like the Hanamomo and a waterfall.

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