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Discover Your Ultimate Backcountry Companion: Osprey Rook 65L Backpack


Welcome to the backpacking , where the ‌journey is just as important as ​the destination. As an experienced backpacker, you know ‌the importance of having a reliable and durable backpack that can handle all your gear while ⁣providing comfort and ⁤support. We are excited to introduce you to the Osprey Rook​ 65L ⁤'s Backpacking Backpack.

This backpack is ​nothing short ‌of​ a best friend on the . Let's dive into all the fantastic features that make the ‌Osprey Rook 65L a must-have for any adventure seeker.

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Experience the⁣ Comfort and Durability of the ‍Osprey Rook 65L Backpack

Are you‌ tired of constantly adjusting ‍your ⁤backpack during your hikes? ‍Look no further because the Osprey Rook 65L Backpack ‍has you covered. This ⁤backpack will be your new⁣ backcountry best friend, designed for convenience and durability.

First and⁤ foremost, the Rook backpack boasts a lightweight design that won't weigh you down as you trek through‍ the trails. But don't let ⁢its weight fool you, as⁣ it is also​ built tough to withstand any rugged environment. This means you can confidently take it on overnight and weekend trips without worrying about wear and ⁣tear. The adjustable⁤ back panel lets you customize ⁤the fit to your unique torso ‌length, ensuring maximum journey comfort.

Experience Comfort and Convenience: Unlocking the Unique Features of the Ultimate Backpack

But what sets this backpack apart is its attention to detail. The integrated and removable rain cover will dry your belongings in case of unexpected showers. The ⁣superb ventilation system prevents you ⁤ feeling overheated, even on⁤ ‌days. And with features ⁢like a sleeping bag compartment and hip-belt pockets, you can easily stay organized and quickly access your essentials.

Don't worry about leaving anything behind, as the fixed top lid with a zippered pocket and front panel cord loop attachment points allow you to‌ attach additional Osprey Daylite packs for storage. Whether you're a seasoned ⁣backpacker or ‍just​ , the Osprey Rook 65L Backpack will exceed your expectations with its comfort and durability.

Practical Features for Organized and Efficient Backpacking Trips

Regarding backpacking,‌ it's crucial to ​have a pack that fits comfortably and helps you stay organized and efficient on the trail. That's where the Osprey Rook 65L Men's Backpacking Backpack comes in. This backpack ‍is the perfect companion for any backcountry adventure, whether it's an overnight trip or a weekend excursion. Here are some of the features ⁣that make it stand out:

  • The adjustable back panel allows you to customize the fit ⁣according to​ your ‌unique torso length,‌ ensuring⁤ maximum comfort throughout your journey.
  • With a woman's specific fit, this backpack ​is designed to suit the female body, making‌ it an excellent option⁤ for female backpackers.
  • The⁤ integrated and removable rain cover protects from unexpected downpours,⁢ keeping your gear dry and secure.
  • The Rook also ⁢offers superb ventilation, keeping you cool and‌ comfortable even on the hottest days.
  • With a sleeping bag compartment and​ hip-belt⁣pockets, you can easily access your essentials without digging through your⁢ pack.

But what truly sets this backpack ⁤apart is its compatibility with the Osprey Daylite daypack. With front panel cord loop attachment points, you ‍can easily attach ‌the Daylite pack and quickly access your essentials ⁤while⁤ on the trail. The fixed top lid with a zippered ​pocket is also an excellent addition for ⁣organizing smaller items.

Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or just starting, the Osprey Rook ​65L Men's Backpacking Backpack is essential for any backcountry adventure.

Insider Insights: What Sets the⁢ Osprey Rook Apart from Other ⁢Backpacks

When choosing a ⁣backpack for your next backpacking adventure, you⁢ want to ensure you have the best one on⁢ your back. That's where the Osprey Rook comes in. This 65L backpack is the perfect companion for overnight and weekend trips, and here's why it stands out from‌ the rest.

  • Lightweight, Yet Durable: The Osprey Rook‍ is made with robust and high-quality materials, making it and easy to carry without sacrificing durability. You can confidently take it on⁣ any adventure, knowing it can handle the rugged terrain and heavy loads.
  • Customizable Fit: With an adjustable back panel, the Rook accommodates your unique torso length, ensuring⁣ a comfortable fit for any body type. Plus, ​for women specifically, Osprey offers a women's-specific sizing and fit, ⁢meaning the pack is designed to fit a woman's body shape as well as men's, making it even⁤ more​ comfortable to wear.
  • Bonus Features: The Rook has ‌an integrated and removable rain cover, ‌perfect ‍for those unexpected ⁣rainy days on the trail. It ‍also has superb ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable during longer hikes. Plus, ⁢it has a sleeping bag compartment ‍and hip-belt pockets, providing easy and‌ convenient access to your essentials while on the go.

In conclusion, the⁤ Osprey Rook ⁤is more than just a backpack – it's your new ‍backcountry best friend. Its lightweight and​ durable design, customizable fit, and ‍bonus features make it stand out from other on the market. So don't wait​ any longer; grab your Osprey ⁤Rook and confidently hit the trails.

Why You ⁢Should Consider the Osprey Rook 65L as Your Go-To Backpacking Companion

This backpack is not just any ordinary backpack – it's your new backcountry ‍best friend. With its lightweight yet durable design, this backpack is built explicitly for‍ overnight and weekend trips, making it the perfect companion for your next backpacking trip.

One of the standout features of the ‍Osprey Rook 65L is its customizable fit, ensuring optimal comfort for any​ body type. This feature sets the Rook apart from other backpacks on the market, ​making it a must-have for ‍especially women adventurers.

The Ultimate Outdoor Companion: Discover the Versatility of the Osprey Backpack with a Removable Rain Cover and Attachable Daylite Pack

Additionally, the⁣ backpack comes equipped with a sleeping bag compartment, hip belt pockets, and even an integrated ‌and removable rain cover for‌ unexpected weather changes.

But don't just ⁣take our ‌word for it –‍ Osprey has a reputation for producing top-quality ‌backpacks that deliver on performance and⁢ durability. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or just starting, the Osprey Rook 65L is the perfect choice. So pack your gear because your new backcountry best friend is ⁤waiting. Try the Osprey Rook 65L ⁣for yourself and experience the comfort, convenience, and reliability this backpack offers

Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

The Osprey Rook 65L Men's Backpacking Backpack has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who have purchased and used it. Here is a⁤ breakdown of the different features and aspects of the backpack that were mentioned in the⁢ reviews:

  1. Perfect size and well-constructed: Many customers appreciated that the backpack was perfect for their needs and noted ⁤that it was well-constructed with sturdy materials.
  2. Lots of‌ pockets for storage: Multiple reviews⁣ mentioned that the backpack had ample storage space and numerous pockets, making organizing and accessing their belongings easy
  3. Waterproof and comfortable: Several reviews mentioned that the backpack was waterproof, a significant advantage while hiking or backpacking. Additionally, customers found the backpack comfortable to carry on their⁣ back for ⁢extended⁤ periods.
  4. Adjustable hip belt for ‌weight distribution: Customers noted that the broadband supportive hip ‍belt allowed ​them to distribute the ⁤backpack's weight onto ⁤their hips, reducing ​strain on ⁤their shoulders and allowing them to hike further and faster.
  5. Tricky hip belt buckle: Some customers sometimes found the hip belt buckle ​challenging to use and ‍suggested a pre-set clasp for better customization.
  6. Ample external attachment points: Many customers appreciated the outer attachment points, which​ allowed them to attach items like sleeping pads ‍or trekking ⁤ to the outside of the backpack.
  7. Mesh back ⁣ventilation support: The ⁢backpack's mesh back⁤ support system⁣ was highly⁣ praised by customers for keeping them⁣ cool and preventing excessive sweating while hiking.
  8. Adjustable shoulder straps:​ Customers liked that the shoulder straps were adjustable in height and length, allowing for a better fit on ⁣their bodies.
  9. Good quality zippers:⁣ Multiple reviews mentioned that the zippers on the backpack were of good quality‌ and did not get stuck or⁢ jammed.
  10. Value for money: Many customers felt that ⁢the Osprey Rook 65L Backpack offered ⁤great value for its price and appreciated its high-quality features.
  11. Some dislike for side pockets: ‍Some customers mentioned that they did not like the backpack's side pockets as they were too shallow, and items tended to fall out of them.
  12. Difficulty using hip belt pockets: A few reviews noted that the hip belt pockets were difficult to use with‍ one hand and required two ⁣hands ⁣to close, which was inconvenient while on the go.
  13. Non-removable brain: Some customers did not like that the top flap of the backpack was not removable, ‌making it impossible to use as a standalone day pack.
  14. Built-in rain cover: Many customers were happy with ‌it, which protected their belongings during wet weather.
  15. Durable construction: Several customers mentioned they were impressed with ⁢the backpack's durability, which held up well even during extended hikes.
  16. Suitable for‌ beginners: Customers who went backpacking appreciated⁣ that this backpack was a good entry-level⁤ option with enough features at a reasonable price.

Overall, the Osprey Rook 65L Men's Backpacking Backpack reviews were highly positive, with customers⁢ praising its size, construction, storage space, and comfort. With a few minor complaints regarding⁤ the hip belt buckle ⁢and pocket placement, the backpack seems ​an excellent ‌choice for seasoned ‌backpackers or beginners for a reliable and affordable option.


Pros & Cons


– The 65L capacity makes it perfect for overnight and weekend trips in the backcountry.
– The lightweight design⁣ of the backpack makes it easy to carry and won't add unnecessary weight to your load.
– The adjustable back panel allows for a customized fit based on⁢ your unique torso length, ensuring‌ maximum comfort.
– The integrated ⁤and removable rain cover protects against‍ unexpected weather conditions.
– The superb​ ventilation system keeps you cool and comfortable during long hikes.
– The backpack offers a sleeping bag compartment, keeping‌ your gear organized and easily accessible.
– The hipbelt pockets provide additional storage for small essentials, such as snacks, maps, or a phone.


– The backpack is designed for male bodies and may⁢ not offer the perfect fit for some female backpackers.
– The capacity may be too large for day trips, making the backpack better suited for longer adventures.
– While the backpack is lightweight, some ⁤may find ‌it heavier than other‌ backpacks on the market.
– ​The fixed top lid ​may⁣ limit the⁢ overall storage capacity​ of the backpack.
– The lack of a water bottle⁣ pocket may be inconvenient for some hikers who ‍prefer easy access to water.

Overall, ‍the Osprey Rook 65L​ backpack offers a high-quality and reliable option for backpackers looking for a spacious and durable backpack for their backcountry adventures. Its adjustable features, comfortable design, and practical features make it an excellent choice for seasoned backpackers and beginners.



Q:⁢ What makes the Osprey Rook 65L⁢ backpack a great‍ backcountry companion?
A: The Osprey⁤ Rook 65L backpack⁢ is a lightweight but durable option that can easily be used for overnight and weekend trips. ​ Its lightweight ​and⁣ rigid construction make it the perfect choice for outdoor adventures.

Q: How does the Rook 65L ensure comfort during ⁣long hikes?
A: This backpack offers a women's-specific adjustable fit and an adaptable back panel, allowing ‌you to⁤ customize the fit to accommodate your unique torso length. This ensures maximum comfort even during ⁢long hikes.

Q: Does the ⁣Rook 65L have special features for unpredictable weather?
A: The backpack has an integrated and removable rain cover. This feature is perfect for unexpected rain showers, keeping your belongings dry and protected.

Q: What other features does the Rook 65L offer?
A: The backpack​ includes superb ventilation, a sleeping bag compartment, and⁤ hip belt pockets. These features are​ designed to make ‍your outdoor experience smoother and more convenient.

Q: Is the Rook 65L suitable for all levels of backpackers?
A: Yes, the Rook 65L is versatile and can be used by​ beginners and⁤ seasoned backpackers. It⁣ offers the same high-quality features that Osprey ‍packs are known for, making ‍it a⁤ reliable choice for‍ all backpackers.

Q: Can I ⁤attach additional gear to the Rook 65L?
A: ‌Absolutely! The backpack ⁢has a fixed top lid ‌with a zippered pocket and is compatible with Osprey Daylite. It also has front panel cord loop attachment points, allowing you to​ attach extra gear or accessories.

The Osprey Rook 65L‍ backpack is a dependable and comfortable ‍option for your next backcountry adventure. Its features and customizable fit make it a top ⁣choice for backpackers⁣ of all levels. So grab ​your Rook 65L and hit the trails with confidence!

Seize ⁢the Opportunity

So there ‌you have ‌it, ​your ultimate backcountry companion⁣ – the Osprey Rook 65L Men's Backpacking Backpack. With its lightweight yet rugged construction, customized fit, and convenient ⁣features, it's​ no wonder why this backpack is a top choice for overnight and weekend trips. Whether you're‌ a seasoned backpacker or ​just getting started, this pack has everything ​you need​ to tackle the‍ outdoors confidently.

Don't ⁤just take our word for it; try it out⁢ and see the⁢ difference the‌ Osprey Rook can make on your next adventure. Click the link below and get your hands on this must-have backpack today!

Get your Osprey‌ Rook 65L Backpack now!


Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack, Black

Osprey Daylite Everyday Backpack, Black, One Size


User reviews

Great comfortable day pack. This backpack is perfect for day hiking. It fits so comfortably with straps that offer adjusting both for the length where the pack sits on your back as well as the fit on your shoulders/chest and waist. The pack has two side holders for water bottles. I like to do day hikes with my dog (ones that are for 2 to 4 hours long or so and I keep some dog treats/food and water in the pack, as well as a small first aid kit, and some food/treats for me. I leave enough room for my hat and gloves if I get warm and don't need them for the entire hike. I'm very happy with this backpack. I love the purple color! Highly recommend for day packing!
Really great day pack. TLDR: 11/10, would (and did) buy again. Perfect small backpack. Very well manufactured, unbeatable warranty through Osprey. Lightweight, water resistant, and perfect size for a light day hike.This pack is a smaller backpack, enough to carry a light jacket plus some other knicknacks. Is not a full sized backpack. Perfect for a light hike or for exploring a foreign city. Flat pocket that sits along your back for carrying a hydration pouch or can double as a tablet or very thin notebook pocket. Smaller outer pouch with two flat pockets for additional small things. Shoulder straps are robust and comfortable. Chest and waist strap included. Chest strap buckle is also a whistle.This is actually my second Osprey Daylite, my first purchased many years ago. This is an updated version with deeper and more functional outside mesh pockets for water bottles. The "handle" between the shoulder straps is also a little closer to the pack allowing the pack to sit up a little higher on the back if desired. My first pack is still holding up great, but I passed it on to my son - it's a good size for a kid to wear and carry stuff around in. Bought a second for my other son now that he's old enough to carry his own stuff around too. I upgraded to a Daylight Plus since I wouldn't mind a little more carry space (a fantastic option if you want something just a little more roomy than the Daylight). I wouldn't mind a couple more pockets/pouches, but that's a very minor gripe.
Nice, light, sturdy - and has a whistle on the chest buckle. Not LARGE, but well made. Got this for a short trip where I couldn't carry all that much - it held a thin laptop, power supply, a few extras, a jacket and a change of clothes. The for the water bladder wouldn't open wide enough to hold the laptop, but that was okay, I was able to fit it in the other area. Front pocket's large enough for chargers/cables and a set of ear buds, but beyond that you'll likely have to try different arrangements to get everything you want to take into it.This is not a big backpack. At best, it's an overnighter even with the straps let out all the way. But - yeah, I'd buy it again. Very sturdy, seems to be exceedingly well made. We'll see how it lasts.
Heavily functional, utilitarian, well made. You'll be hard pressed to find a bag that can do more. Small and light enough to be perfect for short hikes or errands, just big enough to carry all the essentials. I originally got this is a day pack for hiking, then I discovered that it can actually also fit my 17 inch MacBook Pro in the water sleeve. Awesome, now I can use it as a work bag as well. Anytime I need a basic backpack, I find myself reaching for this thing.
Decent little day pack. Overall I like this pack, it is clearly listed that it is quite small and feels like it. I've used it several times for hiking and also overseas as a day bag. Feels very durable however the only criticism I have for this pack is that you will continually find your small items sliding out of the smaller outermost pocket when the bag is placed down and left unzipped as you are trying to access that particular compartment. I think this is due to the sloped design and its alignment over the larger main compartment as things do tend to slip out unless kept completely upright. Besides that slightly annoying issue I've found the pack to be very useful.
Well made. This brand is total quality. It looks good and is simply organized. I wanted a secure from pick pockets bag. This is perfect in that the zippers are hidden &secure.
Great backpack. I bought this as a gift for my nephew. He loves it. It's well made and lightweight.
Great present. I bought this for my son to use hiking. He loves the quality and the color. This is a great small size backpack perfect for all your day trips.
Excelente mochila para el día a día. El tamaño es perfecto si se quiere cargar solo unas pocas cosas junto con la compu. Suficientes bolsillos internos para cosas pequeñas. Buen material y un bonito color. Me encanta, solo falta probarla en un día de caminata.
Está muy buena para el uso diario, preferentemente para mujer pues es algo pequeña
This backpack is great for day outings, day to day commute, carry on or day hikes. Great storage capability. I'm a loyal osprey brand user, great well made bag. Definitely worth it.
Bought to accompany a full sized ruck sack . Perfect size and great quality . Currently on way around Mexico !
I bought this for my Hubby for when he heads out on an all day walk with the dog. Although it is small, it is mighty!We have been able to pack 4 x 1litre bottles of water (two in the bag, two in the outer bottle holders) a fleece, and a waterproof in the main section, and then there is still space for snacks, phone and wallet in the front. The design of the bag keeps it away from your back so you don't get all sweaty, and it feels really comfortable to carry. A great back pack.

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Osprey Farpoint 40L Men's Travel Backpack, Muted Space Blue


User reviews

Easy to pack and carry. I researched and bought the Osprey for a two week Ireland trip. Using packing cubes; "Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set, Small, Medium, Large, and Slim, Black" I was easily able to fit everything I needed. There are two packs. The larger is a duffle style with shoulder/waist straps cleverly concealed under a zipper flap. Unzip and you can quickly carry like a backpack. Zip back up and the straps are hidden and kept clean. Although the pack could be used as a larger carry-on, I checked it. No external pockets and zippers to snag. The smaller pack has a padded laptop slot, external mesh pockets for water bottles, etc. and a zipper pocket on top for things you need frequently. This is very handy! The small pack attaches to the large duffle securely using two straps that clip in and tighten. The small pack holds a lot but is the right size for a day hike, light weight and easy to wear.
Comfort and weightless. Seriously it lightens the load. I over-packed the Farpoint with what I would take on a trip and it felt weightless compared to my og travel pack that I loaded with absolute minimum that I would pack. I would not even be able to pack everything I put in the Farpoint in my og pack.Comfort is what sold me on the pack. It really feels weightless and sleek once all buckled up. When I travel there is a lot of standing in lines and maneuvering through crowds. I feel like the Farpoint is apart of me and I can get through crowds without banging around and not feeling the weight.The only con that I can think of is dangle loops for the straps but tucking the straps in is no big deal.If you are one-bag traveling and looking for the one pack, try this one out.
So Many Options. This backpack has so many options for packing and hiking. Opens wide so that everything can be seen. Daypack fits in the backpack itself, as well as a front-body pack with attachments to the 70L worn on the back. Has room for blanket or tent rolled behind the neck. Sturdy yet lightweight.
I love this Pack. I have had the 55L one for 9 years and loved it. I took it all over the world. Very durable and comfortable pack. But nothing last forever.I went to Europe this past April but I had to put my 55L one to rest, so I get the 70L one. Having the extra room worked out great. I was able to bring more stuff home, lol.I love take if you want to it as a back pack you can or you can hide the straps and carry it with the handle. The day pack is a great feature to have too.I totally recommend it.One of the best part of getting an Osprey pack is that they have a life time warranty. They will either fix your pack or replace it. They ended up replacing my 55L with a new one. so I have both sizes now and that is perfect. the 55L can be used as a carry on for short trips and the 70L for long trips.
Nearly Perfect, Yet A Tad Short on Exterior Storage. The Osprey Farpoint 40 has quickly become a mainstay in my travel gear arsenal. A product that earns an almost flawless rating, it boasts a plethora of features that appeal to both the weekend wanderer and the global adventurer. But like anything in life, it has room for improvement, earning it a commendable four-star rating.To start, the Farpoint 40's design, construction, and materials are top-notch. This backpack has durability written all over it. From its strong zippers to its tough nylon exterior, this bag is built to withstand the rough and tumble of life on the move. Its compact design also comfortably meets carry-on standards for most airlines – a welcome convenience in the world of travel.The comfort level of this backpack is superb. The weight distribution with the padded shoulder straps and hip belt has been carefully thought through. I've carried this pack through bustling city streets and along rugged hiking trails, and the support it provides is fantastic. The ventilated back panel also helps keep you cool on the move - a feature you'll appreciate when hauling gear in warmer climates.Inside, the Farpoint 40 shines with its roomy main compartment and internal compression straps to hold everything secure. The laptop and tablet sleeves in the front compartment are well padded and easy to access, giving me peace of mind about my valuable electronics.Despite all these pros, the Farpoint 40 has one shortfall – exterior storage. While it offers twin mesh water bottle pockets, it lacks an ample number of external pockets for convenient storage and quick access to smaller items. On more than one occasion, I've found myself rummaging through the main compartment to find travel essentials, which can be a bit frustrating when you're on the move. The addition of a few more well-placed exterior pockets would greatly enhance the pack's convenience and accessibility.That being said, the Osprey Farpoint 40 is a stellar performer overall, providing a blend of comfort, durability, and spaciousness. It's an excellent choice for travelers seeking a dependable carry-on backpack. However, if you're someone who appreciates a wealth of exterior storage options, you may find this pack slightly lacking. With that refinement, the Farpoint 40 would easily step into five-star territory.
A Substantial Backpack. I purchased this backpack for my husband when we travel. It is well made and roomy. The feature that caught our attention is the cover that can be zipped over the straps, which make putting it into an overhead bin much easier. It also gives it the ability to be carried like a suitcase. The zippered compartment on the outside is convenient for grabbing items that are needed without having to open the entire backpack. It is a much more substantial backpack than we have formerly owned so we hope to get years of use out of it.
Love it. I went to a trip for a month around Indonesia. It works just as expected, practical, comfortable, resistant.Highly recommend it.
En voyage
Confortable et loge bien
The Osprey 70 did not come with the detachable 15 litre day pack.
Excelente mochila de viaje, versátil, resistente y con las medidas exactas para no documentar
Seriously, the main backpack holds all of my travel needs, and the baby pack is an awesome addition for daily adventures.

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Osprey Nebula Commuter Backpack, Black


User reviews

Legendary. This is by far my favorite backpack I've ever purchased. It's not so big that it looks bulky (I'm 5'6") but it also has a ton of room which is great if you are like me and bring a second set of clothes with you to work for the gym. The laptop sleeve is well padded and protective. The harness system is also really comfortable. The materials are top of the line. I have nothing bad to say about this backpack. Perfect everyday carry and great for traveling too.
Awesome bag with plenty of space for anything. I really like the sleek design of the bag. It has plenty of space for everyday carry, weekend trips, and even hiking. I'd highly recommend this bag for a multi-use purpose. It has compression straps to keep it slim for everyday use.My only two dislikes are the front pocket mesh; it has a slight sag to it when it's not fully packed which is just a visual thing. Second, is that it doesn't really stand up on it's own when you place it on the floor, this is due to the slim profile the bag has when not packed which results in no platform for the bag to sit straight up. You'd need to prop it up against a wall or have it lay flat which isn't a huge problem either since at work I can leave it on a table or hang it, and when it's packed for the weekend or something it stands up straight.Overall a solid bag I would purchase again.
Couple trips of use. Well designed and useful layout. It's what you'd expect of the brand. Straps are comfortable and it carries nicely. I've used it as a carry on for a few trips and haven't loaded it heavy. I would recommend the backpack.
Comfy; Durable; Minimal Chemicals. + I appreciate that this bag is "bluesign"- approved. Meaning, it doesn't have certain harmful chemicals in it. Does this mean it is perfect in this category? I'm not sure; but I appreciate that they at least consider this topic, and sign on to some basic protocols.+ I see some people complaining that this bag is annoying to open... mostly due to the compression straps... or the material that lips over the zippers. Yes, these materials can pause you from zipping if you go fast. But the material never gets caught in the zippers or anything like that (at least not so far, and I don't see anyone else mentioning that either). I appreciate the design. Just keep the compression straps unhooked when you want (they look fine like that and don't drag or anything)... or just unhook them each time; and unzip slowly. As for the lip over the zippers, that seems to just offer extra protection from the rain etc.+ When I stuff the middle compartment pretty good, I can still slip my laptop in and out of its own compartment easily. This makes me think there is some protection from my laptop getting too squashed, even when the bag is full. I feel my laptop is well protected in this bag, especially with the bottom of it not touching the bottom of the bag, due to the compartment ending an inch or so up from the bottom.(+ Check out the Osprey Youtube video for Nebula *32* for their short video which I found useful. This seems to be the newest version of the Nebula.)
Awkward zippers. Backpack is great and works well. The design of where the zippers are and clips seem awkward. It can be hard to get things out of the packets without unclipping. This seems poorly designed. Otherwise it is light and sturdy.
Worth every penny. This is a great bag. I wish I'd gotten it year ago!
Excellent. Used this for a weekend trip. Held everything I needed with a little room to spare. I am 5'4 female and have had issues with other backpack straps digging into me because they are so wide. This one was great and didn't hurt at all.
Almost perfect. Love this backpack! Straps get in the way a little but great backpack overall!
I wanted to thank the seller, who responded quickly and resolved my issue. I really appreciate it!The backpack is amazing! It's second Osprey backpack we own and I'm sure, quality of this one is as good, as our first purchase years ago.
J'ai vraiment envie d'aimer ce sac, mais deux choses:- Pas assez de d'emplacements de rangement notamment dans le compartiment "admin", c'est vraiment très basique de ce côté là.- Ces sangles de compression en travers des zips, qui gênent à chaque accès au contenu du sac. Une plaie. Il suffirait qu'elles soient un peu moins hautes.Sinon le confort est bon, les matériaux sont bons, c'est du solide bien construit.

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Osprey Proxima Laptop Commuter Backpack, Black


User reviews

Holds a lot. I normally have 2 tablets and a laptop plus over the ear heads phones extra set of clothes a book and whatever else women carry in one backpack. The same amount of stuff in a different pack back feels so heavy. The sturdiness and sternum strap really makes me feel like I am carrying a lighter load. The only thing is the laptop portion pushes into the big compartment of the back pack. Other than that it's a bottomless pit and can hold a lot of stuff. Plus it's osprey they make quality excellent gear. I used to work at an outdoor sporting goods store and would always recommend osprey. You cannot beat there warranty
Osprey 30L: Highly Recommended. I've traveled with an Osprey bag before and was very pleased by its quality. This bag is very similar and meets expectations.First impression. Solid construction, durable materials, plenty of space and pockets.Fits a 16” laptop, text book and change of clothes with room to spare.Comfortable on the shoulders and back.Should keep contents dry too.
Great backpack, one con so far: Front pockets conflict with other pockets. I really like this bag. The size is great, I can fit a ton of textbooks - and it's tall enough that I can stack them inside, as opposed to bulking horizontally away from my back.The two front pockets are highly functional on their own - the front most is near the top and is just one small, flexible cloth pocket. The one directly behind it, the "middle" pocket, has some great little organizers, and the depth of this pocket extends to the bottom of the backpack.But, if you have things in the very front pocket, they will encroach on the space of the middle pocket. So when the front pocket has a few things in it, digging through the middle pocket is a little frustrating because you have to hold the front pocket out of the way.It's cool that the middle pocket is so deep, all the way to the bottom, but....again, if stuff is in the front pocket, reaching down to the bottom of the middle isn't convenient. Even worse, if there is stuff in the main compartment, it will compete for space with the stuff in the bottom of the middle pocket. And vice versa - having stuff in the main compartment will make it difficult to access the bottom of the middle pocket.So essentially, I don't really see myself using any of the large amount of space that is in the bottom of the middle pocket. I still use the front and top of the middle, but they are not convenient to dig through because they push into each other.The laptop pocket is kind of funky too - it's not really fitted, like the internal tablet pocket is. So unless your laptop is the size of the backpack, it's just kind of floating around in there. But, it feels pretty protected.All in all I love the bag, it gave me the much needed extra space (more than I thought I'd have, which is a plus), it looks good (which is hard to do when there are 5 textbooks and 5 notebooks crammed in a bag), and still holds my boards. I've only had it for a couple days though, we will see how it holds up.
Best Purchase for a Long Trip. One week before I was scheduled to leave for Peru, I got an email from the airline informing me that my internal flights (booked by my tour group) had a lower weight limit for checked bags than my external flights had. I was going to Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain, which necessitated cold weather and some trekking gear, and the Amazon, which needed trekking and paddling gear as well as gadgets to overcome the lack of electricity. There was no way I could reduce the amount of stuff that I was bringing. I needed to find another way. Enter the proxima backpack. I did like 12 hours of research. I did not want to pay a ton of money for a bag, but apparently, even little kid backpacks are super expensive now, and the differences between a bag that was $20 cheaper and this one were immense. Cheaper backpacks had the same capacity, but inferior materials, including zippers which was the #1 complaint for those bags. The proxima also had the exceptionally padded straps and the airscape system, which was a lifesaver. I stuffed this thing with easily 35lbs worth of stuff and as long as it was settled onto my shoulders, I never felt it. It also fit way more stuff than I ever expected it to and the laptop section can double as a security zipper as it is very hard to detect the existence of that zipper. I also used the front compression connectors to carry my hiking boots strapped to my bag and my bush hat dangling from them. Overall, I have zero complaints. Oh, also, this bag survived desert, jungle, cities, seven plane rides, trekking, two trains, and innumerable buses without so much as a scratch and it still looks brand new. I definitely feel like I got the best deal on a bag.
Not as expected. The media could not be loaded.  The zipper is tough to pull, making a loud noise. I thought it could be designed better.
Well constructed and HUGE. Bought this and recently used it on a week long trip to Disney. Perfect size to complement a carry on bag, and has lots of storage for chargers, power bank, laptop, headphones, and all the electronics I carried. It was pretty lightly loaded on the way down but we put it to good use on the way back, filling it up with gifts and mementos.For as much room as it has, it carries like a much smaller bag when lightly loaded, which was really nice. I took it to the parks with us to carry water, jackets, sun glasses, power bank, and other "necessities" and it was completely unobtrusive.I love the outside storage on the back, easy to cinch up a jacket and have quick access when needed, but i could also see a bed roll similar fitting in there as well.Well built, seesm durable, great purchase!
Very Versatile. Well made and great design! My daughter loves it. It's sturdy yet streamlined, and can expand if necessary. She uses it for school, and can expand the size biggers when she uses it for travel. It's a little pricey, but you get more than what you pay for. Some things are worth the extra cost. My daughter usually goes through one back pack a year since she uses it every day for school, but this backpack should last several years (based on comparing it to others she's had in the past).
Great back pack, you can put a lot of things in it😀

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Osprey Talon 22L Men's Hiking Backpack with Hipbelt, Ceramic Blue, L/XL


User reviews

Must have hiking backpack. I recently purchased this Osprey Talon 22L Men's Hiking Backpack, and I couldn't be more pleased with my choice. This product deserves a solid 5-star rating!!This is my first Osprey backpack, and it left a remarkable impression. The level of support this backpack provides is truly outstanding and it fits me perfectly. It's designed to comfortably carry the weight and essentials needed for a day hike, and it does so with ease.The 22L capacity provides ample space for all my day hike essentials, and the quality of the bag is exceptional. I have a 3L Platypus Big Zip EVO Reservoir and I was able to fit it in perfectly without any issues, ensuring I stay well-hydrated during my hikes.The hip belt pockets are a fantastic addition, perfect for conveniently storing snacks or other small items you want to access quickly. The side pockets for water bottles are also a great feature, adding to the convenience of this backpack. I must also mention the strong and durable zippers that give me confidence that this backpack will last for many adventures to come. What makes this review even more special is that this backpack accompanied me on my trip to the Canadian Rockies, making my hiking experience in the Canadian Rockies truly unforgettable.Overall, I absolutely love this backpack!! 😀
Great backpack for day hiking. Great backpack for day hiking.Water bottles fit great in the side pockets. Plenty of space in the main compartment for my first aid kit, light jacket, hat, gloves in case the weather changes, plus space for extra items. Quick access pouch it great for granola bars or other trail snacks.Hip belt pockets are great for a cell phone (Pixel 4a 5G fits fine) on one side, headlamp on the other side.Comfortable for all day hiking. Great replacement for my old Osprey Momentum 34.
4.5 stars. I would recommend this back pack as it is light weight and seems to be well built. It is very adjustable as well and holds a hydration bladder plus plenty of gear for a day hike. I haven't used it on any actual hikes yet but have put about 10 miles on it with roughly 10# total pack weight including a hydration bladder to prepare for an upcoming hike. The only reason for deducting half a star is the straps could use just a little more padding to make it more comfortable when the pack is loaded with weight. I would buy again and I believe this will work very well for years to come.
Fairly good quality and very comfortable. It's a bit small, but that's what I wanted. I've tried various backpacks and this is the most comfortable one I've worn. Small, but good.
Osprey Talon 22. I've owned just about every major brand of daypack on the market, and I keep coming back to Osprey. Finding the perfect daypack has been something of an obsession for me, and I think I finally found it in the Talon.Hiking is always a balance between how much weight you want to carry vs how prepared you want to be, and I think this pack strikes a good middle ground. This pack is just big enough for a 2-2.5 liter bladder, raincoat, light jacket, gloves, beanie, pack rainfly, first aid, knife, snacks, and camera. I initially used the Osprey Manta as a daypack and wanted something a bit smaller that would carry closer to the body, and the Talon is perfect. The backpanel is not as breathable as the Manta is, however you won't be soaked in sweat like some other dyneema or nylon bags. The hip belt is perfect, not too big or small, and it keeps the load on your hips. The shoulder straps fit great and are breathable as well, they also have a strap for the bladder tube. There is a built in whistle on the chest strap, so that's a plus since not only do you not need to carry one, but you can't lose it.I do have one complaint on this pack, and it's that the bladder is a real pain to get in. In the Manta, there's a separate zippered pouch for the bladder, and it goes in super easy, even when the pack is full. The Talon, not so much. I find it best to unload most of the main compartment to get the bladder in, then reloading the main. If a zipper was added down one side with one detachable shoulder tension strap, this problem could be alleviated, but it would add weight to the pack.Overall, The Talon is great with the exception of that tight bladder opening. I would recommend this pack for someone who counts their grams and wants to go farther, it's a good summit pack and a great smaller sized daypack. If you carry more gear or weight I would recommend the Manta, it carries weight much better with its frame, and it is also more ventilated, but it does sit farther away from your body.
Great for hiking and backpacking. Comfortable bag that's great for long hikes, and the straps are very comfortable. Really good weight distribution to this bag and I like how the back has a pocket for air to get through so your back doesn't get sweaty.
Great little pack. This is the perfect size for day hikes. It is well constructed. It fits my torso perfectly. I like the hip belt and the compression straps... making it easy to create a well balanced and fitted pack. It is large enough for me to stow my gear.
Love it. Before I bought it, I was looking for a north face, backpack and very glad I bought this backpack for the durability, comfortable backing. We've been hiking every weekend for the last three or four months and I needed a good bag and I'm glad I bought this one.
La placa de plástico que le da rigidez es demasiado pesada, lo que la hace impracticable para las caminatas donde necesitas ir ligero. Pesa casi lo mismo que una táctica
We recently bought new Osprey Talon 22 hiking backpacks and we are extremely impressed. We had an older version and after 12 years and 34 countries it was finally wearing out! These are extremely comfortable and the adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap, and hip belt are great for adjusting the backpack to any body type. It has plenty of storage pockets to keep things organized and easily accessible. The overall quality is unmatched, I'm confident these newer versions will last just as many years as the last one and all the adventures that come with them.I would highly recommend this backpack for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable hiking companion!
Cómoda ,practica. Se nota la calidad a simple vista.muy contento con mi compra. Le doy un cien
La mochila está muy bien. Aguanta raspones y está muy cómoda, se ve genial, lo único malo es que los logos de Osprey se borraron con el tiempo, y no me refiero a que pasaron años, desde que estaba nueva comenzaron a desaparecer, actualmente son casi inexistentes, fuera de ello ha sido una buena mochila para distintas actividades de senderismo y montañismo. Adquirí el modelo en color negro.
Advertised as men's but I find the small is a better ladies fit than the bags aimed at women. I wanted a replacement for my Talon 11 which could hold more, and this is exactly what I got with the 22!

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Osprey Axis Laptop Backpack, Black


User reviews

Great quality and excellent warranty. I have multiple Osprey bags and they've all been great. This one is no exception. Very comfortable straps and well thought out pockets. Zippers are super durable so they don't wear out after months or even years of use. And if anything does go wrong, Osprey has the best warranty on earth.
Wow, it's great for school. I was unsure if this would be a good choice for my 11th grader even though he was asking for it because it is "cool." But it's great - it's compact yet roomy, very comfortable to wear, and looks very sleek and not bulky. Also seems to be very well-made. Great!
Good for high schooler. Perfect for high schooler who doesn't use a locker. Heavy duty.
Nice Comfortable Choice. My nephew love it.
Good for college kid. My son needed a new backpack for college. He's very fussy. I bought this one and he actually liked it.
Great backpack for work/ day hikes. Great backpack for a day hike or to take to work! Side pockets can fit a 1 L Nalgene
Good Quality, Multipurpose "Laptop" Backpack. I'm on the verge of exclusively using small to medium backpacks like this one instead of purses when I travel, go on walks, run errands, etc. It has gotten to the point where I want to be hands-free, and am sick of single-side strap weight. I have several Osprey bags in various sizes, and the Axis Laptop Backpack, quality and space-wise does not disappoint. Priced at around $90, as of this review, is the average for this brand (i.e., what I'd expect to pay).The nylon material in tungsten grey/blue with orange trims is exactly as pictured, water-resistant (not waterproof), lightweight, with good support, and has a lot of organizational storage. Has three main compartments. The largest to smallest is the main to the outermost zipper pocket. The main is near the full length of the pack with lots of room for all the chargers, cables, laptops, and tablets. Has dividers. Slightly less deep is the second (middle) zipper pocket, where you can stow your phone and keys (has a latch for a keychain). Has medium mesh pouches. The outermost part is a single zipper, shallow pocket.Plenty of space for large and small electronics, pens, notepads, and the like without looking for feeling bulky. Good weight distribution. I can stow my MacBook Pro (inside a padded slide inside the main pocket), iPad Pro, phone, chargers, cables, battery bank, etc., when we take a weekend trip away or if I'm meeting a client. Has the traditional Osprey flexible rubbery loops on the zippers. Roomy, stretchy side pockets are ideal for a travel umbrella or medium-sized reusable water bottle. Inside is a light gray color. Breathable back liner, adjustable, sturdy slightly padded straps.
A nice, basic laptop backpack. I own a few hiking backpacks from Osprey, so I wanted to try one of their laptop backpacks to see how it compares to the brands I normally use. My favorite laptop backpacks are made by SwissGear. SwissGear backpacks have enough pockets for everything you might want to take with you, and they are quite durable. After receiving this Osprey backpack, I feel that it's very basic compared to my favorite SwissGear one. It doesn't have many pockets and the design is very simple. I can tell that the quality of the material is very good, so I expect it to last a long time, just like all of the backpacks that Osprey makes. This backpack would be good to take to school or to the office, but if you are traveling you still might want to consider SwissGear instead. That's because SwissGear backpacks will give you many more pockets and room to carry a lot of things with you. I think this Osprey backpack would be ideal for a college student. It's durable enough to last until your child graduates, and it's stylish as well (Which is important for students these days). Plus it's not too large or heavy, so it would be easy to carry around campus all day.
Très bonne qualiter , très fonctionnel ... manque juste limpermeabiliter
La parte de la mochila que está en contacto con la espalda es muy fina y nada blanda. No da sensación de que el portátil vaya a ir protegido. Y encima me cobran casi 5€ por devolverlo.
Like the colour and the pockets

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A backpack—also called knapsack, , pack, booksack, bookbag, or backsack—is, in its simplest frameless form, a fabric sack carried on one's back
In the United States, a backcountry or backwater is a geographical area that is remote, undeveloped, isolated, or difficult to access. The National Park
Backcountry (historical region)
38°26′19″N 79°57′33″W / 38.4385°N 79.9592°W / 38.4385; -79.9592 The Backcountry was a term for the region in around the Appalachians in North America

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