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Discover the Top 10 Astonishing Hiking Trails in Europe for Adventure Enthusiasts


Are you an enthusiast looking for breathtaking trails in ? no further! In this post, you'll discover the top 10 astonishing hiking trails that will take your breath away. Lace up your boots and get ready to be amazed by the natural beauty of Europe on foot. From the Swiss Alps' picturesque views to the Scottish Highlands' rugged terrain, these trails will challenge and captivate you. So, what are you waiting for? Let's the top 10 hiking trails in Europe together!

Uncover the Top 10 Astonishing Hiking Trails in Europe for Adventure Enthusiasts


Suppose you enjoy immersing yourself in nature and the great . In that case, there is nothing more exhilarating than hiking through Europe's stunning landscapes, including its enchanting mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls, and alpine meadows. Europe offers many incredible hiking trails for every type of adventurer, from challenging multi-day hikes to a one-day heart-pumping excursion. MojoTravels has compiled a list of the top 10 mountain ranges, providing diverse options to encourage hiking enthusiasts to plan their next European adventure.


  1. Tour du Mont Blanc – France, Italy, and Switzerland

The Tour du Mont Blanc circuit is a must-try if you're excited about hiking and indulging in picturesque views. The circuit extends 105 miles through three countries- France, Italy, and Switzerland. It offers diverse scenery, from the awe-inspiring beauty of the French and Swiss Alps to the picturesque Mont Blanc itself. The circuit immerses you in many of the region's cultural attractions and historic sites. The circuit typically lasts 11 days and is enjoyed from June to September.

  1. Cinque Terre – Italy

The Cinque Terre trail takes you through five picturesque villages, each and perched on the coast. The course is renowned for the villages' delicate pastel colors and the Mediterranean's scenic views, making it a hiker's and photographer's paradise. Along the way, you will enjoy pit stops at trattorias, sampling the delicious flavors of local seafood, pasta, and wine.

  1. Laugavegur Trail – Iceland

Laugavegur Trail is Iceland's most hiking trail and is an ideal hiking rendezvous in summer. The trail offers some of the most surreal landscapes on the planet, including bubbling geysers, ice-covered glaciers, and steamy geothermal springs. It stretches for 34 miles and takes around four days to complete. The trail is the best way to explore Iceland's backcountry and see the country's incredibly raw and unspoiled beauty.

  1. Pulpit Rock – Norway

Norway's Pulpit Rock trail provides a moderately complex four-hour round trip, taking 2-3 hours to reach on average. The hike has been ranked among the 's most iconic and beautiful trails due to the panoramic and breathtaking view of Lysefjorden Lake. The trail offers an exceptional blend of stunning scenery, vegetation, and wildlife and allows visitors to indulge in the of nature.

  1. GR20 – Corsica

If you're an experienced hiker, the GR20 hiking trail over Corsica's mountain ranges is a must-do. The expert-level mountainous trail spans across 105 miles of rugged terrain, taking around 14 days to complete. Expect to be pushed physically and mentally to your limits. Your determination and hard work will be rewarded upon this stunning trail's end.

  1. Camino de Santiago – Spain

Camino de Santiago provides an opportunity to indulge in a pilgrim's path and a genuinely spiritual journey through Europe. The walk offers an awe-inspiring and diverse range of historical buildings, scenery, vineyards, and landscapes. The pilgrimage takes, on average, six weeks to complete, allowing plenty of stops to immerse yourself in Europe's traditions and rich culture.

  1. Fairy Pools – Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye in Scotland offers an iconic hiking adventure through the famous Fairy Pools. The hike is very family-friendly and to finish. It offers breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands and varying shades of crystal-clear freshwater pools and waterfalls.

  1. Lauterbrunnen Valley – Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland offers an easy day hike to Morton, providing jaw-dropping views of the surrounding Alps and beautiful waterfalls. Visiting the area in winter offers a chance to ski and snowboard in the Alps' world-famous ski resorts.

  1. West Highland Way – Scotland

West Highland Way in Scotland is a must-visit for long-distance hiking lovers. The trail spans 96 miles through Scotland's remote wilderness, offering picturesque and panoramic views. The multi-day hike is strenuous, typically taking around a week to complete.

  1. The Slovenian Mountain Trail

The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the ultimate hiking destination through Slovenia's entire territory, covering hundreds of miles at an estimated 30/35 days to complete. The trail takes hikers through the country's magnificent and diverse landscape, including the Julian Alps and Triglav National .



With so many options, this list only scratches the surface of Europe's incredible hiking trails. No matter your skill level or location, a hike awaits . Whether it's the sweeping Alpine views or the stunning coastal walks, it's time to take advantage of the beauty that Europe has to offer.


  1. What's the best time of year to go hiking in Europe?
    Ans: Most hiking trails in Europe are open and safe from June to September, as they coincide with mild weather and longer daylight hours.

  2. How challenging is the GR20 in Corsica?
    Ans: The GR20 hiking trail over Corsica's mountain ranges is an expert-level trail. It's recommended only for experienced hikers and spans across 105 miles of rugged terrain, taking around 14 days to complete.

  3. What are the hiking trails in Europe that are easy and family-friendly?
    Ans: The Fairy Pools in Scotland and Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland offer easy day hikes.

  4. How many countries does the Tour du Mont Blanc trail pass through?
    Ans: The Tour du Mont Blanc circuit extends 105 miles through France, Italy, and Switzerland.

  5. What is the length of the Laugavegur Trail?
    Ans: The Laugavegur Trail in Iceland spans 34 miles and takes around four days to complete.


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