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Bushcraft Trip – Hot Tent – Spending A Few Days In The Forest

Bushcraft Trip - Hot Tent - Spending A Few Days In The Forest

Spending A Few Days In The Forest – How Big Your Tent Need To Be?

This section is about spending a few days in the forest, so you have to make sure that you have a map on hand, some extra clothes and food. The first thing to do is to find a place that has good proximity to water and it’s not too wet.

It’s also important to know how big your tent needs to be and what kind of stove you will need. Your stove should preferably be wood burning but make sure that the wood is dry before putting it in the fire. And make sure that your sleeping bag is warm enough for winter weather. If it has been snowing outside then make sure there are no frozen water puddles inside your tent and all emergency exits are visible as well!

Bushcraft Trip – Hot Tent – Spoon Carving (Video)

Enjoying a few days in the forrest. Trying a new camping tent and a homemade billhook. It’s late winter season and it has to do with -1 to +8 celcius. Doing some craft and enjoying some excellent food.

Place: Denmark – previous viking nation. West coast of Jutland – sand, huge sea, spruce and pine forrest. A few of the most remote in Denmark, but a great deal of individuals in Denmark so limited how remote it can get. A great deal of birds and deer. No bears only a few wolves – nothing unsafe for campers.

A Few Concerns About Winter Camping

What To Consume?

Cabbage, eggplant, beans, onions, tomatoes – with oregano, salt and “English sauce”. I did forget the meat in the house … never done that in the past, however it occurred this time.

What Wood To Utilize For Making The Spoon?


Was It A Branch Used For The Rack Bindings?

Yes – green branch from pine twisted into “rope”. You can make the majority of wood into “rope” like that.

Why Add Moss On The Table?

Keeps the sticks better in place and no small side branches can catch what ever you lay on the table or just fall though the tabletop.

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