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USGI Industries Military Woobie Blanket – Thermal Insulated Camping Blanket – Survival Poncho Large

This product is not military surplus or previously issued military field gear, nor has it been sourced directly from any Government agency.

Multi-Use Poncho Camping Blanket Large

This essential piece of military survival gear provides warmth and insulation against most weather elements and temperature protection, which make for the ultimate camping and outdoor blanket. Camo Pattern is one-sided.

Multi-Use Poncho Liner

Tightly woven nylon fabric insulated with quick-dry polyester batting is reinforced with wave-pattern insulating quilting—Features 8 tie cords attached around edges with reinforced bar-tack stitching.

Measurements Of The Survival Blanket

This Poncho Liner is approximately 62 by 82 inches in total length and weighs 1.75 pounds with a compression sack. Includes military-issue style Compression Stuff Sack which reduces space and volume.

Useful Poncho For Multiple Occasions

Use as a quick-dry beach blanket, stadium blanket, make-shift survival shelter, sun canopy, hammock insulator, pillow, tent divider, privacy screen, carry litter, seat cover, pet bed, disaster relief, concealment blind, carry pouch, backpacking blanket, sleeping bag or tent insulator, and much more.

USGI Industries Blanket

Pair it with USGI Industries Rain Poncho and Camp Shield/Adventure Blanket for the complete set. USGI Industries is a disabled veteran-owned brand. All products are designed, packaged, and distributed in the USA. Portions of every sale are donated to support disabled veterans and first responder organizations.

Reviews On Amazon

Camping is an excellent way to delight in the outdoors and bring the household together.

You can go to many locations to trek, canoe, or sightsee. Having the appropriate camping equipment will make your more enjoyable and guarantee you are not captured in the circumstances without the correct devices. Before starting your journey, list all materials you require to ensure that whatever is jam-packed and prepared to go.

Sleeping Arrangements

Choose whether you wish to lease a recreational vehicle, pop-up camper, or utilize a camping tent. Using a camping tent is an enjoyable and economical method to return to nature. Camping are available at many sporting excellent shops and can be discovered at a warehouse store. They are simple to establish and are an excellent method to invest a little bit of time bonding when you initially get to the camp location.

Pick camping that are water resistant. However, bring along a giant water-resistant tarp to hang over the camping tent in case of a great deal of rain. Get sleeping bags that are warm and the best size to fit the person easily.

Sleeping mats, blow-up mattresses, or folding cots under the bag make sleeping comfier. Go with a recreational vehicle or camper. These can be a bit more expensive however will much better safeguard you from the aspects and offer other features such as beds, a , and a fridge.

Clothes and Food

Do not load plenty of clothes as the area is restricted. Fine warm, water-resistant clothes and excellent shoes or boots. Load numerous sets of and bring both cool and warm weather condition clothes even if you are camping in the summer season. It frequently gets cold at night. Make confident you have hats and sunglasses to secure you from the sun. Bring coolers to save food and drinks. Pack lots of water and treats such as path mix that will offer you energy and are simple to consume.

Camping Products

Knapsacks will assist bring food and water throughout journeys outside the camping locations. Do not load them too significantly as you might be using them for extended periods. Pack a compass to evaluate where you remain in case you get lost.

A flashlight is helpful in an or to see during the night. Ensure to load any pots and pans required for campfire meals. A tripod that reviews your campfire is a terrific cooking tool, and cast iron is the best pan for cooking over a campfire.

Cast iron is heavy, though. Instead, buy a lightweight cooking container if you are doing a great deal of , and bring all your equipment.

A Swiss Army knife can be convenient for many jobs, such as cutting branches for a fire or roasting marshmallows. Water-resistant matches will assist light fires and can be utilized even if it is rainy. A walking stick can be helpful in walkings to help raise high slopes and battle tiredness.


Bring sun block and insect repellant to secure you from sun and bugs. Apply typically for optimum security. Depending upon where you will be camping, you might wish to buy bear spray. This resembles pepper spray for individuals however is more effective.

An treatment kit is necessary and ought never to be forgotten. Make particular it is wholly provided. These are readily pre-made at numerous sporting shops and can be discovered in drug stores. You ought to likewise bring plenty of rope. A mobile phone might not constantly get reception; however, it is suggested to have one just in case.

Camping is an enjoyable method to invest quality household time. However, constantly ensure you are ready for emergencies and environmental changes. Keep the bulk of products at your camping site and take just what is required, including emergency materials, on brief treks.

Use knapsacks to bring food, water, and emergency treatment products. Good luck!

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