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4 Persons Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent with Stove Jack

4 Persons Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent With Stove Jack

The Tipi Hot Tent With Stove Jack is a portable and lightweight shelter that can be used for camping in the winter.

The Tipi Hot Tent With Stove Jack is a lightweight, easy to assemble and transportable tent. It is made of durable nylon fabric that offers insulation against cold temperatures. The tent has a stove jack which allows you to use it as a winter camping shelter.





Pu2000 Waterproof Polyester 2~4 Persons Hot Tent

Designed a fire retardant Stove jack for range pipeline. 2 huge air vents . Double door. It is a perfect option for household or group to outdoor camping treking in all seasons.

Roomy Hot Tent

Standing space height 7′ 3″. Bottom size: 13′. You can prepare meal, chat, work conveniently within.

Wind Resistance Hot Tent

Made of anti-tear 210T patterned polyester. The efficiency of Anti-tear is much better than Nylon. Waterproof is PU2000mm. It can withstand strong wind and rain.

Ultralight & Compact Hot Tent

Weight is just 5 pound. Package is possible to bind on knapsack. Easy & fast setup, anyone can setup the camping tent within 10 minutes.

This product not consist of flooring or inner mesh. You can find them on Amazon.

How To Lower Dew?

Expanding space in between camping tent bottom and flooring will enhance ventilation and minimize dew. Tight sides can drive dew to the flooring. Inner mesh can prevent dew your equipments.

Flame Retardant Vs Flame Resistant

Flame retardant is self-extinguishing and does not melt or drip. The melting and leaking of a material is the biggest security issue since the melted product can cause excellent damage to skin. Tent’s material usage it to secure camper. So prevent open flame or triggers to secure camping tent. Flame resistant is resistant to capturing fire and self-extinguishes out when exposed straight to severe heat such as open fire.

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