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Introducing: 4 Persons 5-pound Lightweight Tipi Hot Camping Tent with Stove Jack – Family Backpacking Outdoor Camping Hiking Tent

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Lightweight Tent Description

It is a lightweight tipi hot tent. Roomy and tough.roomy







High wind resistance

A pyramid is the most stable shape. The tipi tent has excellent high wind resistance. Octagon can deal with the most fantastic usable area than other shapes.

Light stove in tent

There is a window and a retardant range for the range pipeline. Flame retardant can safeguard camper from skin burn.

Double doors

You can exit and entryway in 2 directions.

Different tents and inner mesh

A camping tent is created as floorless for activities such as light stoves. Inner mesh and tarpaulin are a sale in the manufacturer’s store.





T1 series

Base model. Without skirt. Lightweight. Good ventilation.

T2 series

Pro design. With skirt. Fit for freezing or snowy weather. Recommend to the camper who has with the light stove.



Lightweight and portable. Fit 1~2 camper. When lighting range or using M1 mesh, just 1 trailer can sleep in the tent. Without a stove, it is roomy for 2 camper. M2 mesh can space 1~2 campers; however, it’s a bit crowded for 2 campers.


Standing room. Fit 2~4 camper. When lighting range or usage M1 mesh, 2 campers can sleep in the camping tent. Without range, it is roomy for 4 camper. M2 mesh can room 2~3 campers; however, it’s a bit crowded for 3 campers.










Small volume. The cylinder shape can integrate with a backpack.

Multi-function window

There is a 29 x 22 cm window. Use to view and ventilate. Fit for wildlife photographer or hunter. It is a hatchway for stove pipe too. A stove can prevent the pipeline from burning the camping tent.

Aluminum Pole

It was updated to enhance variation in 2021. In addition, it can support more weight than before.

Make of 7001 Series Aluminum. The flexible cable inside quickly connects and pick-up in a few seconds.

Aluminum Stakes

The tent is Made of 7001 Series Aluminum. Cables are quickly seen at night and pulled out with a reflective pull. Only 0.5 oz (14g) / pc. You won’t feel them in your pack.


How to lower dew?

Expanding the gap between the camping tent bottom and flooring will improve ventilation and minimize dew. Removing fit together on the vents will be better. Tight sides can drive condensation to the flooring. Inner mesh can avoid dewing your pieces of equipment.


Cut Range

Cut a hole for the pipeline. Put pipeline stand on the range jack. Cut down along the edge.


Set up Tips

Pole can assist set up. Pole length is equivalent to the range of center from the corner. Unfold and Broaden the camping tent on the floor, location pole head on the peak loop and the endpoint to the bottom loop, and Fix the bottom loops with stakes at the end of the pole. For good ventilation, extend 1~2 hand length and protect by guy line.



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